Oled vs LCD (LED) 32" or more

This topic has not been discussed recently so please offer suggestions. I have a 4090 GPU and want to take advantage of it but don’t want to spend $500 extra for 5% improvement if you know what I mean. I probably will stick to 34" . I see lots of folks love the bigger screen and I could be tempted but anything over 40" would look like a monster on my desk. I prefer curved (based on others comments) and now I’m seeing a ton of positive posts about Oled. I am aware of the burn in issues. Any of you that have experience in this topic PLEASE offer all advice. I could be tempted to go bigger but you will have to talk me into it. I guess the biggest question is back to the $500 for 5% ??

I have a Panasonic 55" OLED TV, not used as a monitor. It has software settings (which are off by default) which fight the tendency for burn-in and after 3 years I’ve not had a problem. Burn-in on a TV is only really an issue with news banners, channel logos and the like, and the software takes care of that in my case.

Regarding a monitor, your only problem would be if there’s no movement on the screen for long periods; that happens more on a computer and you have screensavers for that.

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I decided to put a 4K 65’’ on the wall … it feels more like “VR” without the “VR headache”.

It is a lovely “window” into the aircraft or the landscape that I am flying over.

I use a 48" OLED as a monitor. It’s just over two years old and has 7500 hours on it so far with no burn in.
Basic precautions like no wall paper and hidden taskbar.
The built in protections are turned off as they get in the way of using it as a monitor.

You need to mount it on the wall (which may take a little furniture re-arranging he he). I have a 55" Samsung QLED wall mounted sitting ~3ft from me and no issues. If you can’t see the left/right edges up close on the screen use eye tracking - it’s a perfect solution. Running 4K + HDR10 will knock your socks off!!

Don’t let that 4090 be underutilized!

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We would need to know what kind of monitor you are using so far. Then we could perhaps make certain recommendations :wink:

I’m coming from VR. I totally failed to get my Quest 2 to give me an enjoyable experience. I will say I am a resolution/sharpness type guy and I know VR is limited. I love what MSFS provides visually and VR can’t touch a good monitor. I have 2 old 27" 1920 x 1080’s that I’ve used in the past but now that I have a 4090, I want to pair it with a great monitor. I hadn’t thought about Oled until I started reading others comments about how awesome it is. My biggest concern is weather the oled is worth “double” the price of a nice curved 3440 x 1440 led.

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So, my 4 year old 32" (2560x1440/144Hz) monitor died on me a few days ago :frowning:
I have now decided on a 34":
LCD Monitor Curved, Ultra Wide QHD 3440 × 1440, VA, 21:9 Ultrawide, 1ms, 165Hz, FreeSync, 8bit, HDR, 550cd/m2, contrast 4000:1, DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, USB, headphone-out, height adjustable, speakers, VESA - costs here in Vienna € 540,-.

What can I say, it’s a world of difference compared to the old monitor. With HDR10 activated in MSFS, everything just looks brilliantly natural. Important are the 550cd/m2 and the contrast 4000:1 and of course the 165Hz. Of course, there are better monitors, but I am more than satisfied with this choice - in truth, I am thrilled with this monitor

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Another thing I wanted to mention: with this monitor, my eyes don’t get tired at all any more, which was sometimes bad with the old monitor!

Of course there are better … there are always better … LOL. That’s my dilemma. I’m VERY tempted to go with a similar monitor as you got. It’s about $400 less than the oled. But I want to take advantage of my new 4090. Decisions/decisions.

Also, where to shop oled monitors ?? Amazon/Best/New Egg … any others ???

Burn in is a thing of the past on OLEDs. There are features built into the panel to prevent that.

However, if you’re still concerned about that or the price for that matter, get the next best thing: QLED.

I think the correct wording is there are features built into the device to HELP prevent that. Burn in can happen with any OLED if one is not careful.

I have a 55" 2019 B1 LD OLED TV that developed burn in. First was the news logo. Fortunately, that went away over a period of about 2 months.
Then the windows logo caused burn in and that has never went away. However it isn’t noticeable at all when playing games or watching other content.

QLED has it’s share of problems too which I will not get into here. For anyone interested I suggest watching the tests done by RTINGS. They have done exhaustive testing and should help one reach their own decision as to what to buy.

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If possible, only in one shop regionally :wink:
Never have and never will at A… buy :wink:

If you are in the U.S., Costco is a great place to buy and you get a 5 year warranty (1 yr manufacturer + 1 yr Costco extended warranty + 3 yr Allstate warranty).

I purchased my last TV there online and they did a great job delivering it (75").

Thanks but they don’t have what I’m looking for. After much research, I’m down to the Samsung G8 or Alienware AW3423DWF. They are both 34" curved Oled and both at Best Buy for under $1000. I’m going to be using a Tobii headtracker so hopefully I’ll be happy with the 34". Would go a little larger but after buying that 4090, well …

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I would make sure to check the warranties to see if burn in is covered.

3 years with Dell

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Recently bought a 27’ 1440 p monitor for prime day (got a great deal on it) and I’m glad I bought it because I will still use it for secondary tasks but once you go 2160 4k there’s no going back. After one day I went right back to my crispy 43 inch 4k tv.

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4K TV ??? What’s your refresh rate