On-line AI model matching for not recognised lCAO codes

With the upcoming Simple Traffic from Aerosoft upcoming an old issue is coming up again. The AI engine selects a random livery when a certain ICAO code is not found…

So imagine having liveries from AAL, UAL, EZY and SWR in your sim and flying in the U.S.A. you can come accross NKS for example… Since this livery is not there it will use either EZY or SWR, which does not make any sense.

It would be great to have a default fallback livery (indicated with i.e. a fake ICAO like ZZZ) where you can define a livery of your choice (plain white), which is better than to see easyJet and Swiss at Columbus Ohio :wink:

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Before SU4 (I think) usually a non-matching ICAO airline code with the Live traffic means that it will randomly pick one that doesn’t have any ICAO code assign to them.

That’s the reason why I made this mod. So that it forces the sim to use the A320 as a generic traffic, and with an Airline Alliance liveries as the last fallback livery since it’s sitting as the base livery. It would use them.

But for some reason after SU3 or SU4, this fallback method doesn’t seem to apply anymore and it would randomly pick a livery from the livery pool even if it doesn’t have a matching ICAO code.

I really hope Asobo will give us more control and insights about the model matching in general!

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great idea, am really desperate for good live/ai traffic

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for all of you who cant wait try IVAO altitude
a318 a319 a320 a321 a330 737 747 777 working livery database

Here is an example at Athens today. See the SEH602 in the back? Should be A 320neo from Sky Express, but since I do not had this livery it showed randomly as a Frontier Airlines aircraft.

With my suggestion above I would like to see either a plain white livery or a default livery instead… Better then to see a FFT at Athens.

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One of the reason why I prefer to turn off nameplates. So I don’t get distracted and upset by a non matching livery… They also break immersion with those floating texts anyway.

Also if you want a more subtle taxi ribbon. Check out this mod too.


Thanks! For debugging I keep the nameplates active :wink: So in this case I know the FFT should be a SEH aircraft…

Simple Traffic released today! AIG Manager is also in beta. Don’t forget to vote!

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