On monitor WVR Cliffhouse displays as one screen but FS2020 displays as 2 lenses

I don’t understand why the Cliffhouse is in 3d in the headset and shows ‘normal’ on the monitor, but as soon as FS2020 is switched to the headset the monitor display becomes an image of the two small screens in the headset.
I don’t get why that happens since both are in VR in the headset.
Someone mentioned there is a setting in WVR to ‘mirror’ to the desktop but I cannot find it. My Graphics card is discrete so I believe my specs meet the requirements for WVR Ultra which was specified by another poster as being necessary for the ‘mirror’ function.
Anyone have any info on this?

The WMR display is shown in the mixed reality portal window as a single image, if you look at the mixed reality portal while MSFS is in VR then it is also displayed as a single image.
The view your are looking at with a separate image for the left and right eyes is the MSFS game screen.

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