On the Hunt for Machu Picchu

Let’s see if we can find Machu Picchu in Peru…

Thanks for watching.

good video, makes me remembering inka trail in 1999 and helicopter flight above it… there I did field work for the inca trail map 1:50’000 for Lima2000 (https://lima2000.com/turismo/)

…but it seems you have still the older mesh… since the last update november 19th, the huayna picchu and Putukusi Hill are more realistic, although huayna picchu is still without peak (2693m), maybe it’s possible to enhance it with some terraforming scenery (SDK)

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Just Googling around to see if anyone had made a model for F - none found, but I found this video from August : https://youtu.be/vemaLtRBWZc?t=113 and this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/ij87yk/machu_picchu_the_great_incan_citadel/

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Thanks for posting the video. I watched it before trying to find Machu Picchu.

I paused the plane above it and used the drone to look around. I tried and tried to find the angle that is the popular photograph spot you always see of the place but I could not find it. Somehow I just could not find the prominent peaks behind it.

I hope they will detail it better some day.

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Last time I tried with a drone I was able to get to the site but there wasn’t any scenery details there.

Use Google map to find the place, copy the GPS coordinates.
In MSFS world map, I paste the coordinates.
Start filght then immediately pause it.
I use the drone camera and descend down to the spot.

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Yeah, the only “detail” is a basic building representing the welcome centre. And this is on ultra settings too.