On the ramp at PAWG

Just flew in from KBFI, and I landed so smooth, my passengers don’t even realize that we’re on the ground yet… Perfect VNAV approach too, flown to perfection by the amazing Working Title Citation CJ4…


If anyone would like to join me on this very run, let me know and we’ll do it. I did it before with a very large group (though what I’m talking about now is just 1-2 people, whoever responds by saying yes, really), and we had a blast! It’s different from a lot of group flights in that it’s just 2 hours on autopilot enjoying the scenery (next time I do it, I’ll use something other than real weather so I can actually see the scenery, I really couldn’t with the weather I had), which is certainly different that barreling down the sides of Mount Everest while inverted (right @Renoi71?) but it’s just a different kind of fun. We can do tight formations for photo ops, too.

Let me know!

Hi Kev, yes the flight in “AutoPilot” it will change compared to the race we do at Mount Everest lol. Anyway I’m hot to make your trip, keep informed when you have decided when we can do it :smirk:

@Renoi71, it’s more up to you than it is me. Just whenever it’s convenient then ping me and we’ll do it. Check your PMs for my email, and I’ll send you back all my other contact info.