OnAir Company - anyone still using this?

Tried the 1 month sub a few times but found the servers to be to slow to justify paying anymore, are these issues fixed, whats the current experience like?


constantly. Not sure what you mean by slow servers. All good for me. Using it as part of my round the world tour.

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Used to be very sluggish, i am only assuming it was servers because thats where all of the data is pulled from. Good to here its working well for you how long have you been using it?

Ahh see what you mean - when moving between pages? I used it last year and thought the same. Don’t really notice it now. It’s def improved on that and functionality since then. Only 3 months due to renew early August and I’m likely to. The 3 months was only about £15 so worth a try again :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yeah I likely will, been trying to use Air Hauler 2 but the interface is such a mess and trying to find jobs outside my base is so cumbersome.

I’ve given up on AH2 for both of those reasons.