Once you go VR, you don’t go back?

totally agreed … I tried VR, because I was curious and had a Headset anyways … but its just the optically immersive aspect that may be tempting. But im so much more confident handling my aircraft with controls I have not to blindly search for in front of me Smith hands I don’t see.

Really not my cup of tea …

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No, only resting after a lot of minutes wearing it, in cruise, programming the autopilot because the laggy cursor of FS220 etc.

It is like to ask me; do you want to live in real life or looking a flat panel in a flat earth?

After some hours-days your brain and psychology accustom to it, you defeat the dizziness and then is normal.

Do you like to watch a landscape in a picture or prefer watch it in real life?.

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Here is an explanation for you; it’s called an imagination. I tend to find that kids these days don’t have one, as machines are doing it all for them…Just a thought.

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It’s nothing like real life, its just like someone transplanted you inside the monitor. I have PPL, sure the immersion is there. However let me tell you, nope, it is not like real life. It is a long way off being close to that.

I should also point out, VR is like scuba diving, so, do you walk around in real life with goggles on? Probably not…

I was never interested in mobile or small screen game as the small screen never felt real or immersive. Now I feel the same about my large screen monitor!

Haven’t flown in 2d since I got VR 6 months ago. Granted I am lucky enough to have a high spec pc so can keep a high resolution and settings to see instruments etc :+1:


I have one of the highest end systems you can use for MSFS, and I just feel the resolution is not high enough yet. Thats with a G2 and 3090.

I was blown away by VR when I first tried it but have since gone back to playing on a screen. It would help an awful lot of VR was a seamless plug and play experience but its far from it. There’s way too much faffing about to get decent performance and that ‘decent’ performance varies considerably from plane to plane and from location to location, and SU5 did little to help this.

VR gives you a glimpse at the possibility of the medium but I would say we’re maybe 3 to 5 years from it living up that potential. Incidentally has anyone seen the recent VR flight sim guy youtube video where he plugs a super high end Vario VR-3 headset into the sim VARJO VR-3 RAW REACTION: HUMAN EYE VR CLARITY! - YouTube

There’s your potential right there. But as I say we need that tech to become somewhat affordable. Which it will be one day.


That seems more like it! But even with that, it still needs a larger FOV.

I disagree. Its all about individual perspective. I have VR and much prefer non VR flying as I use a lot of Jetliners.

Racing sims I would use VR more but its balanced depending on duration etc.

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I think it really needs pointing out that even with current headsets and GPU’s etc, MSFS can and hopefully will be tweaked to give a significantly better VR experience than we have at the moment.

Issues such as comparatively faded colours, lack of brightness and saturation controls as well as performance are all areas that can be way better optimised, especially given that Asobo devs not only enjoy using VR themselves, but have now set up a VR team to do the business. Also DX 12.

Combine that with next gen PCs goodies next year and things VR wise will be even more fun for everyone.

Or not, if you are a miserable so and so, lol. :rofl:


When my G2 went back for repairs (just the new cable needed in the end) I went a few weeks with no VR. To be honest I tried msfs and other sims in pancake mode during this time but they nothing for me. There was zero immersion despite the increase in clarity 4k gives. I felt detached from the simulation, that I was just in front of a computer playing a game.

I have almost zero trouble reading any of the gauges. I recently went back to the a320nx from the crj and that thing is super clear. The only plane I have trouble with is the BN2 Islander barometric gauge and I think in pancake mode you’d need to zoom in far to read that. All I do is lean forward a bit, I assume like I’d have to in real life.

Yeah I can never go back to pancake.


Agree the VR experience still leaves a feeling of not quite there yet. The crispness is not there and while latest updates have smoothed out the performance a lot (for me, G2 + 3090 + i95.3Ghz) the LOD distance is still loading still a killer of “realism”. But it was great flying in VR this week with scattered showers, fluffy whites at 3000’, 5000’ and 8000’. Cloud zooming chasing rainbows was magic. Just need the clouds to have a bit more substance when up close and not pop into existence at the last minute. For pure scenic grazing, a 55" TV screen at 4k resolution is the best way to sightsee. And the AI is becoming much better when interpreting mapping data. I have been using 3rd party addons for mesh which enhances the terrrain quite a lot.
Each to their own and its what works best for you. I’m sure HP would like / expect MS to continue to refine the VR experience so they can sell more G2s or invent better ones!

issue is, FS2020 is not really optimized for VR. the code is not optimized to get full potential out of pc hardware, no controllers support, aircrafts not optimized for vr etc. you have to fiddle with the mouse only.
in fs2020 i fly vfr only, looking out of the window basically as the sim itself is not ready for ifr (with the G1000nxi is getting better, WT need some more time)
ifr i do in x-plane. take the Hotstart TBM900 for example, every button in the aircraft you can handle with the controllers. in terms of vr, different league, sorry to say.

Yet you still have to hold one or two of those controllers. Thats just as immersion breaking as wearing scuba gear whilst fiddling with twist knobs.
Until VR has a clear human eye resolution display, wide FOV, and gloves that allow you to manipulate knobs, I am out. To each their own though :slight_smile:

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In the beginning I also worked with charts, maps, etc. (X-Plane 11). Quite a time consuming to get from A to B with an airliner. When I got it down more or less well and knew what it was all about, I lost interest a little. I said to myself, that I would never fly an airliner in my life anyway, so the basics of operation / navigation are enough for me. Should I sit on the plane as a passenger and the stewardes say: “Hey, our copilot has dropped out. Is there a pilot here?” I would at least know where to reach … thanks to VR :crazy_face:


I don’t use a face plate on the G2 and instead velcro-ed bicycle helmet inserts directly. I think it gives the biggest FOV and sweet spot achievable for the G2. The huge gap around the nose allows me to look down/out to use the keyboard, mouse and write notes with a pen if needed. I appreciate that not everyone’s face shape/size would allow for this.

I wrapped a few long fishing sinkers in tape and foam as a counterbalance at the rear. It’s perfectly balanced and I can keep the side straps quite loose.

Excuse the dog hair and saw dust :wink:

I have a 3090 and a G2, barely use it. I did try it out last night, hadn’t used it since February. I can get a lot more out of it with MSFS in it’s current state. All Ultra, LOD 2.00s and 100 res scale in OXR and MSFS settings. looked decent enough, but like others stated, the bucket of sweat it turned me into. Stopped the flight midway. Did notice some pop-ins as well


When VR eventually uses light regular looking glasses it will be huge… at the moment it is just taking off. I find it hard to play any flat screen game now however not just MFS2020. I always look for VR games.


I‘ve been using flight sims (mainly MSFS) since the mid 80‘s and even built my own fixed base sim with 3 projectors and an 18 feet wide screen.

Since I tried FS2020 in VR around X-mas last year, I have logged 150 in over 300 flights, each and every of them in VR. As someone wrote in this thread: It‘s the closest thing to actually sitting in a plane.

Resolution not perfect? True.
Some motion sickness? Yes, can happen
Feels like looking at the world through a scuba mask? Yes, indeed
3D cursor does not feel true to life? Also true

And still: I will never, ever go back to flat screen! VR is the best thing that happened to my flight siming experience in the last 30 years!

And as technology develops, it will only get better…

I-9, 3090, G2


I use a Pimax 8kx and will never fly without it again. Its got the widest FOV of any consumer VR headset and a resolution that matches the G2. I can see gauges just fine with it. If you don’t like VR that’s fine, everyone has an opinion. Mine is VR is absolutely “there” and will only improve in the future.