OnCourse Software – PF3 – ATC At Its Best!

That looks promising - considering the current state of MSFS ATC …

There’s also a “Try before you buy” option:


Thanks, gotta give that a go!

Looks good, but will need to be A) VR compatible and B) Come with voice control out of the box rather than only in conjunction with voice recognition progs, for me to buy it.

edit: - ah, just got the answer as I read that bit about the demo:

One will be set to your Pilot’s voice

Not for me, then. I’ll wait for the outstanding VoxATC to arrive.

They don’t send a download link for the Demo when you ask for it?
I ask it for 3 days, but there was no responce.

Dave’s a busy chap. Just put a reminder on the support forum and he’ll send you a link

It’s done.
I have the demo and after one day i am sure it is nothing for me.
The voices are to robotic an also SID’s and Stars must be put in manualy.

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Hi Folks;

I know it has been over a year since there has been an update to this post so, I was wondering if anyone has any up to date information since I am looking to purchase this software.

I really don’t mind the robotic voices, I also don’t mind manually entering the SID’s and STARS into the FMC providing that the software provides them based on the Dep and Arrival runways.

I have been using Pro ATC x for FSX and P3D which I like a lot, but I don’t expect them to be coming out with a MSFS 2020 version anytime soon.


Kindest Regards.

There are seversl threads dealing with alternative ATC programs. The one above is one of the most recent. For more info I recommend entering “PF3” in the search bar.

Hello Archer374;

Thanks for your response and recommendation I appreciate it. Just so you know I have a pretty good idea of all of the ATC products on the market since I have been simming since the late 80’s early 90’s and have tried a few. So, my question was specific (SID & STAR’s) to PF3 and I couldn’t get an answer to my question from other forums and videos which are pretty old. I did a search for PF3 and these posts came up hence the reason I ask the question just in the event anyone had any more information about my question since the last post. You never know unless you ask the specific question.

BTW. I did reach out to their support but didn’t get a response.

Kindest Regards.