One Additional Freeware Mission for the Fokker F. VII by Koschi

The Fokker F.VII family of aircraft, the first of which took its maiden flight in 1924, is historically renowned as one of the greats of the early days of aviation due to a number of feats it accomplished: the first aerial crossing of the Pacific Ocean by an F.VIIb/3m named Southern Cross, a pioneering North Pole flight by an F.VIIa/3m christened the Josephine Ford, and Amelia Earhart’s first Atlantic crossing in the Friendship, an F.VIIb/3m. All three of these journeys are included in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Local Legends II package released on January 31, 2022.

Koschi, the creator of these missions for the platform, built another as a free add-on: the 1928 aerial expedition from South East England to Karachi (then in India) in the Princess Xenia! Koschi’s route in Princess Xenia, which is retrofit with a modern cockpit and is adorned in KLM livery, creatively follows the spirit of the original flight, weaving through some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations in Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. Download the mission and relive this incredible adventure yourself!