Online services not work

The servers are still out of service…

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Just getting same issue here

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Same here!

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Bummer - had just picked up the new H160 and KMSP. Oh well. Hopefully all resolved soon.

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Same here!


Great timing day before Cross the Pond. I really don’t want to deal with reuploading X-plane

Hopefully they can fix this today, day before ctp not the best of timings.

same here, this seems to be happening rather frequently lately, unfourtunately

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will be great with msfs2024 that relies more on cloud services


Same here - North of Spain -

Both myself on the east coast of US and my friend in south austrailia can’t connect

I am also suffering in this offline problem. I am at Hong Kong

In Italy same issue

same hear uk

Same in Poland

same here in France

Yep - East Coast Australia

same in UK

■■■■, I was just going to check out the new 787-9 here in Sweden but also encountered this.

I just got myself, A Pilot Life Chapter 2, Hope it be back up soon