Only 50% CPU load - low fps


I was able to run MSFS with my old 4790K @4,7 and my 2070 Super at around 30-40fps. Was enough for me - but now I have the problem, that my fps are getting low - around 15fps when flying high with the FBW A320.

“limited my mainthread” says the dev. mode - but my CPU load is about 45-50%.
32GB Ram are installed.

Any ideas!?

What would be an upgrade to my used CPU - yes I know, nearly every other CPU :slight_smile: but - I mean, what makes sense?


Even though Intel effectively sat on its hands for a few years and updates were incremental rather than groundbreaking I must say I do think it’s time to update your system…

That’s a Haswell chip on a Z97 motherboard right? Downgrade that to running your companion apps and grab yourself a new CPU and motherboard.

Alder lake is about to launch so it may even be that Rocket Lake prices take a nosedive in the winter sales (or maybe even before)

Or bite the bullet and be an early adopter on the platform :wink:

Try the method specified in this topic. This has helped me get more FPS and increase my CPU utilisation.

Also 50% is a split average and currently there’s no game that maxes out more than a few (2 - 4) cores at the same time. The more cores you have the lower the percentage but it is no reflection on actual performance.

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Hello @YourMajesty80 ,

if you check your single core utilization you will most likely see, that it is maxed out at 100%, meaning your CPU is the bottleneck.
If this is the case, the most effective way to increase your fps is lowering your settings or tinkering/replacing your hardware.
You could also first try other Aircraft, to see if the FBW A320 is exceptionally performance hungry, as it may not be optimized, yet.