Only half of RAM used (13GB of 32GB)

Hello, in SIM ram used around 13/14GB not more. it doesn’t matter, how overloaded is scenery.
I watch the video from the players, the RAM is loaded about 20GB.
I don’t know, whether to be happy, or ? … :slight_smile:

PC spec:
:diamonds: MoBo: P9X79 LE [LGA 2011] :diamonds: CPU: i7-3930K [6-Core. 3.80GHz] :diamonds: GPU: 1080Ti OC. 11GB :diamonds: RAM: 32GB [DDR3. Quad Channel. 1600MHz] :diamonds: SCREEN: 27" 1440p. 60Hz :diamonds: SSD: 512GB [DCS + MSFS] OS: W10. 64bit. pro_SSD :diamonds:

In SIM settings HIGH +

If you’re happy with the performance then definitely be happy. There are too many variables to compare. Hardware, OS, swap, colours, screen size, settings, plane being flown, ATC, plugins, location on earth.

Memory not really something you can reliably compare.

I said It Doesn’t Matter How Overloaded is scenery.
You can see what is PC spec.
I didn’t say, that I’m happy, I asked a question.
It seems strange to me, that even 60% of the RAM is not loaded.

the question was not rhetorical.

Then I’m afraid I don’t know what you are asking.

What is your question?

Ahh man, forget about…

Good question. :smiley:


Lets assume for a minute you only had 16GB available but MFS was still wanting to use 13 of it. Windows would want another 3-4 on top, then some background programs would need a bit more again, let’s say one for good measure. You need 18GB now so would need to start using the swap drive which is infinitely slower than physical ram, and you’d be getting stutters in 3D now, so the fact you have free and available physical ram is all you need to know. In short, be happy, and rest easy that if MFS wants more it is available and will grab it without affecting overall performace.


FS2020 is not designed to use up all the memory you have. I have 48gb and it sure doesn’t take advantage of it. You could imagine it would use it to cache potential scenery…

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Thank you !
I was really afraid, that something was wrong with my PC.
Very strange, that some players use up 50% of RAM but no me, or we ))

Strange thing is couple of weeks back i only had 16gb of ram. Sim would only use around 11 or 12 gigs. Now i bought 32gb… And most of the time it loads atleast 16-18. After i changed to a custom lod for terrain and objects, 300 for both instead of 200 (use search function to find info about this mod, highly recommend it) i can easily load over 20gb in high quality photogrammetry areas.

Are you sure your ram is configured properly and working as it should? Not sure if ram speed has something to do with this but might be worth checking your bios to see if it’s actually running how intended. I’ve had to set my ram speed to 3200mhz manually. My mobo defaults it @2400nhz for some reason…

Edit: also might be interesting to see how much ram is used when sim is not running compared to when its running. I’m running around 5-6 gb when in game menu without a flight loaded.

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During a flight my FS blocks around 12GB of ram and around 20GB of the swapfile. Don’t understand how your FS could use only that small amount of memory… Are you sure that it isn’t using swapfile on top of the RAM? Would be strange though if there’s plenty of free RAM.

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I also have 48 gb RAM and the most I have seen used is about 26%. It sure would be good if the game could use some of it for cache somehow. It just seems a waste of resources especially when the GPU and CPU usage is regularly in the 90% range.


I upgraded my ram from 16 to 32 after the installation.

Is it possible that MSFS thinks I have still only 16g ram?

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If you play 4K Ultra you’ll definitely see 17-20GB use.

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One app wont use all RAM, it would kill system performance. Windows also caches disk data which doesnt show as belonging to application. Scenery must also fit in GFX card RAM, why load it both to system RAM and GFX card…

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I also read you’re still using ddr3 and have a quad channel setup. Are you sure they are 4 of the same modules? I don’t know much about how ram works, but i’ve heard more then once that it’s better to use dual channel. Also ddr4 is much more supported by current hardware and maybe it’s the same with how windows 10 uses it. I’m not sure about any of this. And it seems that your pc conponents are all ddr3 supported and not 4… But still might be something to keep in mind


In BIOS I also tuned at “X.M.P. Profile” ram max is 1600MHz that is enough on DDR3 )) + “X79 LGA 2011” works “Quad Channel” Maybe this is reason, why not usable + 50% RAM )) for “games” is enough (?) Unfortunately, I am weak in this, as my knowledge of English ))

here is …

Yes, i am sure.

On start SIM in menu around 7 GB. In Idle too low.

I did a little experiment right now; Opened 43 tab in Chrome, when SIM was running :slight_smile: and around New York (Manhattan/ Brooklyn) was up 19GB RAM )) before experiment in same place 15GB.

Chrome “stress-test” 43 Tabs opening 6.5GB.

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