Open doors

Hi guys! I´m playing MFS2020 since release day and it is perfect but the doors from the planes cannot be opened so i thought i write a topic in the wishlist because to open doors would be much more realistic so please vote!

The default planes in all versions don’t have opening door animations (yet).
The Carenado payware C182T has opening doors…

The doors on the larger aircraft will open if you attach a jetway or catering truck… All automatic though.

Yeah I was disappointed not to see a key assignment for opening doors ( shift +E ) in fsx. Unless I’m missing something please bring this back. If anything I wanted to see an increase in the default door animation variables ( 8 pax doors , 3 cargo doors , cockpit door )


I was really hoping I could open the windows on the bush planes…


In case of an emergency, opening doors would be a nice feature…


You’re not missing anything, the team did confirm that the doors cannot be opened. Let’s hope this will be upvoted enough so that they will consider implementing door animations.


Good glad I am not losing my mind lol. I was really confused when I couldn’t find a keyboard assignment for doors ( SHIFT+E). I am hoping this is something easy for the team to bring back. But PLEASE do bring it back at some point. We should not have to do any custom xml code just to open doors. If anything like I mentioned previously, add more stock functionality such as cockpit door and windows. :slight_smile:

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I think it will be necessary to have this option if GSX appears?

Sorry but what is GSX?

FSDreamTeam - GSX Ground Services X for Microsoft Flight Simulator X FSX :wink:

There is no key binding for Doors in MSFS like it was in FSX.

But in if you press the door at right spots in carenado C182T it works for windows and doors:

i completely agree and this absolutely needs to be patched. it’s incredibly immersion breaking when you can’t even open the doors. this should have come with the sim.

Open doors, and let us exit and moving around aircraft to do external checks. It will be awesome in VR! (and competitor sim let us do it…)


So, one plane?

Why is something so simple as this pushed out to 2021-2022? Frankly that’s absurd.

They would have to animate the doors for all 30 aircraft before making that a standard feature, to maintain consistency. If it is not high enough on their priority list then I can see why it would take so long. Since the Feedback Snapshot says they haven’t started yet, the animators are probably busy with something else right now.

Please bring back the good old Shift + E to open the main door of the aircraft.

And then all the subsequent commands:

Shift + E + 2 (to open the right front door)
Shift + E + 3 (to open the left back door)
Shift + E + 4 (to open the right back door)
Shift + E + 5 (to open the front cargo door)

Alternatively you could make an interactive menu somewhere (like a tablet or from the instruments themselfs), like some 3rd party developers are doing to open the doors.


It is difficult to open the doors when the hinges aren’t modelled, Grasshopper.

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We want to be able to open dooooorrs

Come on guy´s it is a basic from FS2000