Open up water mask modding

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As it doesn’t look like water masks are a priority for the Asobo team, it would be nice if developers could have easier access to the tools to create the masks themselves. In a perfect world, we’d get a “MSFS 2020 - Global Water Masks” add-on by someone.

Water masks, in my opinion, make a massive difference in the visual experience.


This would definitely improve the visuals… maybe there could even be more realistic waves on shore, to add depth to the whole experience.

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Sure they have already said they are looking at ways to implement this, but are having issues integrating it with the mapping data they have.

Would certainly love to see it brought in the sim, as coming from the beautiful water masks produced by ortho4xp in x-plane, I feel a bit sick every time I look at the ugly and abrupt transition from water to land, in MSFS. Really detracts from the immersion.


Water masking can be modded or added already.

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We need a “Bijan’s Watermasks” soon then! :heart_eyes:

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Is there any info or tutorials on this out there? I’m not having much luck myself.

I’d love to get the Isles of Scilly and various bits of Cornwall and Devon properly water masked and the aerial imagery is all there underneath, it’s restoring the water that’s the problem for me.

So far if I exclude the existing water and add my own water polygons I can only keep them transparent everywhere I want them if I make them a series of very thin strips.

As soon as I make them any wider they lose their transparency.

Poylgons do not like to overlap or be close to each other so I’m stuck with a bunch of glitchy stripes of water and land.

The Nool Aerosystems tool mentions watermasks but I think it creates bodies of water rather than bringing up underlying water imagery.