Open World challenge style proposal

Let me know if this is already possible or already being developed!

I think it would be interesting to have a style of challenge where you enter the open world and your nav log tracks everything you do. You would be scored on how many times you correctly followed tower and ground’s taxi/take off/landing procedures. It would also accumulate how many times you successfully take off, land as well as the accuracy of those events. This challenge could be a total daily, weekly, or monthly accumulation. You would just save at the end of your session so you can continue the next day/week with your challenge progression/scoring.

There would definitely have to be some fixes to loading/saving/pausing the game (I personally get a lot of crazy glitches with these for some reason) but I think it would be fun and interesting for the community!

That sounds interesting, I assume it would essentially be either an addition to or a development of the logbook. Similar to how our smartwatches and fitness trackers work, so your accumulated daily stats can then be compared against friends.

I like the idea, I dont know of anything that already exists that could do that but further down the road I think that would be a really interesting development if it could be implemented properly.