Opencockpits MCP and SIOC

Opencockpits MCP V3 seems to be working with the fsx SIOC code and FSUIPC 7 beta version. I tested it with the Boeing 787 and the main functions worked. This was not a complete test, but showed that basically the system works (currently with the well known issue of frame rate drop) and it could be only a matter of setting the proper offsets for specific functions.
I also tested the EFIS panel but it seems not interacting with the maps displayed.
Next step will be to test OC NAV radio and I’ll update my report.
Any other experiment with OC modules ? Please report any useful information!

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Opencockpits NAV radio module works with fsx SIOC code.
I can confirm that also the NAV radio module works, and after the installation of the patch released by MS/Asobo, as promised the framerate drop issue seems to be solved.
I tested all my modules on the B787 and they worked, but I have (maybe my fault) difficulties in finding controls on B787 panel. I see that the NAV frequency is the same displayed on NAV module, but I can’t find the control for setting the NAV frequency on the virtual cockpit…
Also the MCP works but on the 787 the AP heading value is not transferred properly to 787 MCP, I must study this issue more deeply. Most of the functions work fine, AP, FD, ALT, SPD, A/T, VS.
Not bad for being the old drivers!


Hello and thank you for the tests, what Opencockpit hardware do you have?

Opencockpits Multiradio and GA Panel are working without change.
I also own the 737 EFIS AND MCP. But I changed the setup for the fsx PMDG 737.
Are You talking about a standard 737 setup? Are there files To download from opencockpits?

I have MCP V3, 1 EFIS e 1 NAV module, plus one usb servo module that I am planning to use for flaps gauge and maybe trim indicator on throttles quadrant (self build).

I am using pretty standard fsx 737 sioc configurations, I haven’t used them for a long time (I converted all my cockpit to XP11 with SimVim for arduino, and 2 Pokeys boards + OC modules with SIOC.
Now I just took the dusty fsx backup dvd and restored the old SIOC files, and they worked fairly well with the 787, unfortunately not the heading control - I will try to identify the variable name used on that plane, at the moment I don’t know how… I have found a variables list on the SDK, but many parts are to be done or wip so I just hope to find what I need.
On the A320 almost nothing works of the MCP, unfortunately they didn’t use the default variables for autopilot parameters, and this seems so strange.
I don’t even know if fsuipc reads these vars for the moment, if they have new names.
If you were able to reinstall the previous PMDG 737 the variables (and the appropriate sioc code) should work, since it uses custom variables and commands to what I know.

  • FSUIPC7 running and connected to fs2020
  • SIOC running and shows connected to FSUIPC
  • OC devices show up in SIOC and respond in the SIOC monitor

What additional configuration needs to be done in SIOC in order for the OC devices to respond in FS2020?

Thanks for any guidance!

The sioc.ini has to be compiled with the appropriate parameters for each module (in particular the lines with "master 0,1,1,15 etc) following instruction (I guess you did this right if you see the devices) and then it has to load the appropriate code for each module, addressed with a unique id. I used the code that was available on OC download page for each module in FSX.
This configuration works only with some airplanes that use the same variables that were used in fsx.
In my case I tested most of the functions with the 787, while on the A320 the same configuration did not work.

I think you already know, but here is a link to the OC page where many sioc scripts can be found

please remember that for multiple modules you have to read and follow instructions!
You can also find other scripts available on the net.

I tried my script for the PMDG 373.
Everything looks fine, FSUIPC 7 is connected to SIOC and the Flightsim.
But nothing happens on the MCP.
There are 2 lua scripts that shpuld be copied into the FSUIPC folder. These lua scrips have to be inserted into the fsuipc.ini.
Did Yo deal with this too?
Are You using a kind of blank MCP.ini / .ssi?

Ok, I see they provide a script v3 on theire script-download-site.
I’ll ry this one now and maybe the newer SIOC (I was using my 10 Years old SIOC…).

I was able to connect to fsuipc using my own script and make the comm work (for the most part)… would probably be a lot faster if I just went and got the PMDG scripts though:)

Update about the heading problem with Boeing 787: the OC MCP V3 heading knob and hold button work fine, it was just matter of switching off the button on the virtual cockpit that locked the HDG hold to a value that did not correspond to the value shown on the AP HDG display, which instead was changing according to the knob on the MCP. Once deactivated the “current route hold” button, the MCP works as expected, pushing the button on the OC MPC the plane follows the HDG selected on the display (and that is correctly shown on the VC display) and rotating the knob the plane reacts properly changing heading.
So I was finally able to fly with AP operating on Airspeed, Altitude, Heading, VS, FD, AP Master.
The NAV radio selects the proper frequencies, next tests will be on the NAV and COURSE controls.
CRS knob works fine.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a keyboard command to change the “current route lock” state, I tried all the parameters on the command assignements window but none worked, so I have to deactivate it from the VC panel before being able to use my MCP heading controls properly.
The Level Change button seems not working, the altitude starts changing as soon as I change the value with the altitude knob on MCP.

ILS tested positively!
Also APP button and functionality tested; NAV radio set to ILS frequency of LIPZ airpor runway 04, then the APP mode was engaged, and the plane followed a pretty good ILS approach path, with a final landing (manual) almost perfect…
So I can say that also this aspect of the OC MCP works on B787 with fsx SIOC code.
I need to find a way to display the gauges on my secondary PC, currently I use a program no longer available (CRGsim) that still works but I would like to be able to show the real specific plane glass gauges.
I don’t want to use a secondary monitor on the primary PC (where MSFS runs) because I need all the graphics power to be used for the simulator, I would like to use a secondary PC for the gauges, but currently I don’t think is there a solution for this.
Nex step: I’ll try to resume also FSSymphony, that if worked… I could revive my Pokeys board for the annunciators and for switches and other controls… but this seems pretty unlikely to happen.
But I’ll discover this pretty soon, and I’ll report the results.

I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if there is some way to configure a keybord shortcut to engage/disengage the autopilot heading hold on 787, since all the available functions seem not to interact with that button, that can only be operated by pressing the area on the top of the HDG knob of the autopilot on the VC. This can be done exclusively in VC, but I want to run my airplane in front view WITHOUT cockpit, that I obtain editing the cameras.cfg as suggested in other posts.
It seems impossible to me that no key can be assigned for this function!

FSSymphony can work and allows to interface MSFS throug SIOC to any POKEYS (Ethernet) board!
This is a great achievement, since Pokeys are very versatile and powerful boards, and FSSymphony can act as a bridge between SIOC variables (that are connected to MSFS vars by FSuipc offsets) and the I/O pins of the Pokeys board.
Unfortunately FSSymphony was released in 2014 and it has problems with FSuipc 7, so I had to stop it from connecting to FSuipc, since this caused an error in FSSymphony (index ot of limits error).
This can be overcome by only using SIOC vars, that must be programmed in order to read and write MSFS vars via FSuipc offsets, and then FSsymphony can read/write them and send or receive pin status to and from the pokeys I/O.
I experimented the real gear lever on the MIP and the center gear position variable, that lighted up the green annunciator on phisical cockpit!
Writing appropriate code (for all the variables handled by FSuipc) I can interact with most of the controls on my MIP, overhead and also throttles quadrant.
This will require a lot of programming though, anb I am still uncertain if continuing with the Pokeys of moving to Ardyuino, maybe via Link2FS… hard way to go anyway.

An update about Pokeys boards
The combination FSUIPC + SIOC code + FSSymphony works pretty well!
I reactivated my landing gear lever and the 3 green and red annunciators for the LG status!
With the same process I could reactivate most parts of my overhead, given that the offsets are available and working for most commands.
I think that 787 has it’s own variables, and in that case it will be difficult to handle them.
I must say that MS and Asobo did a great job by leaving many variables and functionalities of the old FSX still working in the new simulator, something that they did not do with the 2 previous attempts to publish a flight simulator totally different from fsx. Both failed sadly and completely…!

I am lost.
Nothing is working so far.
There are only specialiced scripts on their download page.
I tried a lot of them and notrhing works at all.

With which files did You start? I do not see any generic files, trhey are all relatedf to Projrct Magenta or iFly…

I don’t have the PMDG 737, so I don’t know if it requires lua scripts to be executed in FSUIPC dir, if you had to use them in fsx, you need to copy them in the Fsuipc 7 dir, and verify if you also need some lua library or dll, really I don’t know.
In any case, if you have lua scripts, you have to include them in fsuipc.ini adding or modifying the section [Auto] but I think you know that.
That being said, did you use OC sioc code for the fsx version ? It should be the same code and the same procedure for MSFS2020.
I started using it for the 787 and it worked with the 737 default fsx code.
Do you know how to configure the sioc.ini file ?
Plug in the usb modules, and launch sioc. You find the usb ports assigned to each module, and this must be corrected in the .ini file, normally the modules are under the “Master” part at the end of the file .ini
Please include your sioc.ini file in your reply if possible.

On the link I included in my previous post, you can find the file described as
MCP & EFIS for PMDG 737 NGX.
Files to do work well the Opencockpits MCP & EFIS with PMDG 737 NGX. Thanks to Roar Kristensen for his LUA files. Exist a complet driver in software section to use the MCP, EFIS and FMC/CDU V3.

if you open the file supplied by OC under that section, you should find everything you need:
an installation guide, the lua files for fsuipc dir, the to be put in sioc dir (changing the master configuration appropriately under [------------- CARDS CONFIG -------------] section, and the 2 files .ssi for the sioc dir.
Please read carefully the installation guide, looks well done and surely better than I can do!

Hi Airmax, thanks for Your supply.
On Your 1st post from yesterday You say “it workes with the 737 default code.” That’s what I asked about. I only see MCP_fsx included with SiOC 7. Is it this? And I do not know how to merge two txt files to compile them into a single .ssi for using EFIS and MCP together.
I know how to setup the sioc .ini correctly I am just struggeling with the MCP scripts to get the FS2020 B787 to work.
Since there is no PMDG 737 for Fs 2020 I do not need those files.

I know the Offsets for the GA Autopilot and have a buttonbox working based on Mobiflight with an Arduino Mega.
It shoulf be possible to use thr OC MCP for any GA airplane in FS 2020 but I need to duve in deeper in the programming of Sioc.

1st I try to get the same as You have with the 787.