Opentrack Not Tracking Head Movement

I am just starting with Opentrack. I have installed the CL Eye test software.

When I start Opentrack and click “Start” the camera works ( I can also see it when just using the CL Eye test software which I have installed), I see myself, but there is no sign that Opentrack is monitoring my head movements.

Any suggestions please??

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With what device do you use open track software, just webcam or ir tracking device.
If u use regular webcam you need additional software see this link

If you use ir (infra red) tracking than it wont work with regulary webcam but it needs like infrared filter.
The next option is diy method
It is possible to modify old ps3 camera these you probably can find online but there are two types of these and it has to do with the lenses flat or hollow so find on yt which you need, and if its found than remove inner first lens and place a square of filter from an old floppy disk to the lens and the chip.

Than select ps3 open driver in the cl software
Calibrate movement and u should be good to go

I tried all this stuff feel like I lost a chunk of my life tinkering.

I suggest the GrassMonkey puck.

-Yes you have to wear it
-Yes it’s nerdy
-Yes you’ll at some point forget you have it on until you pick your kid up and they laugh at you
-But for the price ■■■■ it works great. Only thing I have in FS that I’ve never even changed a setting.