OpenXR Toolkit best setting for color options on G2

I’m really not good at adjusting brightness/contrast and color saturation. I do know that MSF2020 looks a bit washed out on the G2 at times. Does anyone have any good settings they’ve tried?

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A little goes a long way.


@meh1951 is right… a little goes a long way.

I haven’t played with the colors in the G2 yet, but in the Aero at least, I find that the global setting increases the reds a bit too much.

I have settled somewhere around:
Red: 53
Green: 58
Blue: 58

Give that a shot and see what you think.

Also helps if you bring the brightness down as well. I usually run that at about 35

This is my setting in Aero headset.

Brightness 45.1

Contrast 50.8

Saturation selective

Red 68.7

Blue 67.4

Green 73.9

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