OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

I will be testing a simpler solution for Quest2 judder made available by the fpsVR developers:
Steam :: fpsVR :: fpsVR - 1.23 (
This still doesn’t answer the question of why Oculus Meta devs are dragging their feet - at least this should be optional.

Does this only work with SteamVR?..

In my personal experience on Windows 10 with a 3080 and 5800x, this made no difference for me in terms of FPS again. Ended up reinstalling Geforce Experience as I enjoy using it for screenshots/video capture.

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I’m sure this has been asked before, but I can’t find anything about it.
Can I use the tool with European Truck Simulator / American Truck Simulator?
In fact, if I change SteamVR to use OpenXR, could I use it in any VR game?

You cant change SteamVR to use OpenXR, each game either use OpenXR or they use OpenVR (SteamVR). What you are thinking of is using SteamVR as your OpenXR runtime, and thats most definitely not the thing you want.

What you need is to use OpenComposite to translate your games’ OpenVR support to OpenXR. I’ve heard it works with ETS. I’m not sure how much you really gain, because these games are ancient (like 10 years old), so they are likely not developed to work efficiently on modern GPU and are possibly CPU limited more than GPU limited (ie FSR, FFR etc will not help performance).

Edit: see this post for detailed diagram:

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There are a few updates coming up in version 1.1.1 in the next few days. Most of them are targeted for OpenComposite support (so not Flight Simulator).

There are however a few noteworthy updates to requests from this community:

  • Fixes to the menu display, which should make the menu work with canted displays (eg: Pimax)
  • Option to customize the position of the FPS overlay
  • Configure whether to take screenshot for left, right or both eyes
  • Add zoom
  • Add a command-line mode to the companion app, which can be used to change some settings externally.

For that last one, it should enable 2 things:

  1. Ability to create presets for the Appearance settings.
  2. Create hotkeys, bind to joystick, or voice command for certain actions (eg: toggle sunglasses, turn foveated rendering on/off).

Here is a preview of how the command-line will work:

Usage: C:\Program Files\OpenXR-Toolkit\companion.exe
    [app <name>]
    [-sunglasses <off|light|dark|trunite>]
    [-post-process <[0,1]>]
    [-contrast <[0,100]>]
    [-brightness <[0,100]>]
    [-exposure <[0,100]>]
    [-saturation <[0,100]>]
    [-vibrance <[0,100]>]
    [-highlights <[0,100]>]
    [-shadows <[0,100]>]
    [-gain-r <[0,100]>]
    [-gain-g <[0,100]>]
    [-gain-b <[0,100]>]
    [-world-scale <[0,1000]>]
    [-zoom <[1,150]>]
    [-reprojection-rate <unlocked|1/2|1/3|1/4>]
    [-foveated-rendering <toggle>]
    [-overlay <toggle>]

When no app is specified, the currently running app is used.
Use syntax <+N> to add value N to integral and decimal values (N can be negative)
Use syntax <+N> to cycle by step N through enumeration values (with automatic wraparound)

 companion.exe -brightness 50.5 -contrast 45.8
   Set brightness and contrast values for the currently running app
 companion.exe -sunglasses +1
   Cycle through sunglasses mode for the currently running app
 companion.exe -world-scale +-10
   Decrease world scale by 10% for the currently running app
 companion.exe -overlay toggle
   Toggle the overlay on/off for the currently running app
 companion.exe app FS2020 dump
   Dump settings for app 'FS2020' (Flight Simulator 2020)

The dump option can be used to generate a command-line based on the current option values (eg: as you set from the menu in-game), so that you can copy/paste it directly:

> companion.exe dump
C:\Program Files\OpenXR-Toolkit\companion.exe app HelloXR -sunglasses light -post-process 1 -contrast 50 -brightness 0.1 -exposure 50 -saturation 50 -vibrance 0 -highlights 100 -shadows 0 -gain-r 50 -gain-g 50 -gain-b 50 -world-scale 101 -reprojection-rate 1/4

This isn’t the most integrated solution, but it should enable many scenarios. It will require you to install a 3rd party application (autohotkey was suggested for example, I’ve also heard of VoiceAttack before) and configure it to invoke the command-line. Hopefully this is simple-enough for most folks, and we can write a good guide to help with it.

You’ll also note that not all settings can be controlled, and that is a deliberate choice. Settings requiring session restart are not included for example. Maybe we’ll extend the list in the future.


This is perfect for keyboard macros. Looking forward to it. Thank you!

Super useful! I’m going to try and set up VoiceAttack to change my sunglasses. The less I have to interact with the keyboard the better and more immersive experience it is. Thank you so much for your efforts (both of you)!

If you get it figured out could you let us know how you did it? I’ve never been any good at setting up custom macros in VoiceAttack.

thank you very much for the continued development of this valuable toolkit ! :heart:

Not sure I understand - are you saying to let ODT open the console window and just leave it open?

Any idea if any of this applies to the original quest and windows 10?

I’m flying from Florida to Europe in a G36 and I’m currently in Northern England. It’s so magical and beautiful! I’d be thrilled to never see another palm tree as long as I live.

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those who’ve moved here keep telling me it was like living in a


Any idea if any of this applies to the original quest and windows 10?

I believe it benefits w11 only but maybe give it a try.

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@TheClap ,@Jingle1966
If you happen to have fpsVR that you use on steam, the latest version includes a small application called win11fix.exe that patches the Oculus system so that you don’t need to open the console window in Windows 11 anymore.

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Did you get this working? I just discovered VoiceAttack today and sunglasses were my first thought! “Put dark sunglasses on”, “Take sunglasses off” would be great.
*** edit ***
Never mind, I see it’s coming in 1.1.1 which isn’t out just yet.

Sunglasses isn’t a assignable key yet, so you can’t link to Voice Attack yet :+1:

All ready to run with it once the new version hits.

Thank you for the explanation and pictures.
I’ll be trying this and will share the results.
Thx @mbucchia !

Hello Mbucchia, you can hear a lot about your work on this podcast ( from the beggining ), but from 20:05 minutes there is a special message for you PERSONALLY from the host of the show, please listen to :slight_smile: