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hmmmm that is an odd one… I had only 1 other user ever report this (same exact: option is in DCS but not MSFS), but we never figured out why :frowning:

Can you add more details? Log file is a must: Troubleshooting | OpenXR Toolkit (

Matt. Thank you as always for your detailed and informative response.
This community is running out of superlatives for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love the ability in the toolkit to disable the mask around the eyes. I don’t see any downside in disabling the mask. Is there a reason the mask is put there in the first place. I’m thinking should we request the mask be removed from the source.

Thinking of other non toolkit users.

I think there is a small performance difference (lower performance with HAM off), perhaps more pronounced on older GPUs.

You can also try the Blind eye mode which basically applies a full mask to one eye or the other, and you should really see a different in performance there.


LOL!! But Matt, I have two fully functional eyeballs…

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Lol I mean to observe that HAM does make a difference in perf! There was a time it did not:

However, I’ve observed that if I make OpenXR Toolkit return a hidden area mesh that covers one entire eye (meaning don’t render anything for that eye), there is nothing rendered indeed, but the performance is unchanged. This would indicate that somehow the stenciling isn’t correctly applied, and pixel shaders are still called for these pixels, even though they are discarded.

Fortunately it sounds like this issue has been fixed in SU10!


No ffr in the menu when msfs on, but ffr available with dcs.

I don’t see any error in the previous log, correct?


Can you try DX12 see if the option shows up there?

Oh interesting. I must check again what the performance benefit be to enabling the ham. If there is, even 2 or 3fps, the obvious question then is, is that ham somehow adjustable to make the hidden area somewhat smaller to the point where nobody noticed yet might still give 1 or 2 fps. Isn’t it crazy what we request for a single fps back haha

@mbucchia - first off, THANK YOU for all that you do for the VR community! That Holographic Shell fix is gold!

I’ve been in blissful ignorance with great performance, but you know, something always changes (sometimes without our control, sometimes our own doing).

This may have been discussed, but as I see it, there are 3 ways to toggle Motion Reprojection - how do they relate? Does one override the others? So we have the toggle in OpenXR for WMR (Disabled, Automatic, Always On), we have, since SU11 the Reprojection Mode in the sim settings (Off, Depth, Motion, Depth & Motion) and we have the Motion Reprojection setting in the System menu of the Toolkit menu.

I personally never liked the watery effects of MR, but I swapped my 3080 for a 3090 and am trying out new settings. It seems the 3090 has less of the MR artifacts, but I’m confused as to how those MR toggles interrelate. Thanks!

Take a look at some explanation here w.r.t to OpenXR Tools for WMR and OpenXR Toolkit MR settings:

Other | OpenXR Toolkit (

Then for the MSFS settings, take a look here, very very last paragraph in the FAQ (" Q : What is the motion reprojection setting in Flight Simulator VR settings doing"):

Motion Reprojection explained - Virtual Reality (VR) / Hardware & Performance - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Awesome - thank you Matthieu!


I just set dx12 and no luck, no frr on menu

Any file or other way to set those parameters manually?


I’m sure if this was possible it would already be included, but would there be any way to add a mod for locking vr view to the horizon instead of to the plane as it is now?

This has been discussed at length in another topic and it’s clear that this is something that needs to be fixed. Similar to how racing games have the option to lock to the horizon, this is so that your head view doesn’t get forced to move around with turbulence.

It would be amazing to have a damper setting in the tool to fix this nagging issue.

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You are not seeing the setting then it means your GPU isn’t advertising VRS capabilities (needed for FR). Forcing the setting won’t make a difference. There is something specific to MSFS in your situation causing this but I have no idea. A setting (either in the game or outside the game, perhaps in GeForce Experience?) causing the GPU to not want to do VRS with MSFS specifically.

That is not possible outside of the game. The game only gives very basic info through OpenXR, in this case the camera position. No idea what the plane position or horizon plane are outside of the game.

This might be something that could be done in a mod (like a real MSFS mod, not an OpenXR API layer) but I have zero knowledge of their SDK.

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i am not using gforce experience

I will uninstall and try other things

if i find any solution I will let you know


Can you follow this: Troubleshooting | OpenXR Toolkit ( “Capturing a trace file”.

Make sure to start the capture before starting the game. Then switch in and out of VR (only needs to be a few seconds in VR). Then stop the capture.

Find a way to send me the file (it will likely be several MB). Thanks!

my installation must be corrupted

i got error code 0xc558300

Btw, THANK YOU so much for this great piece of software and all your support to the community.