OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Is there an FPS cost associated with using Hand Motion sw?

I have a drop of about 3-5 frames (32 down to 27).

I’ve been an advocate of this tool and think for certain configurations it works wonders. Ive been using it since the first NIS beta. But as of yesterday when I updated to the new Nvidia drivers, I’m not running any tools.

I can’t tell you how many hours/days I have spent trying to tweak all the settings between OTT, Oculus, Nvidia, OXR and OXR Toolkit. But now, I’m not using any of the tools. I’m running the Oculus desktop at 1.3 (4864x2438) and MSFS at 90 and have the best stutter free and picture quality yet. I can finally concentrate on just flying and racing!
The fact that some are saying that the new drivers are worse for them only goes to demonstrate the numerous variables in a PC that gives everyone a different experience. I’ve duplicated the many settings with all the tools of those with a similar setup that swear by their results, but did not work for me. But now to have nothing between the Oculus desktop and MSFS is what works best for me. YMMV…
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Did you find the file and noticed the difference with Sharpnes = 0?

With hands? I would love to see the content of your Detailed overlay (Overlay | OpenXR Toolkit) with and without hands. On my system I did not notice any perf impact.

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A new version, 0.9.6 is available for download. Note that it only has the fix for Varjo, no other changes.


A couple of days ago I installed the OpenXR Toolkit and have noticed a few things compared to the previous OpenXR NIS. The first is that I get the same quality using NIS or FSR, but with FSR I get 2-4 fps more.
The sharpness option doesn’t seem to affect anything, it doesn’t matter if I set it to 0 or 100, I don’t notice any difference. With OpenXR NIS the difference was very noticeable and I always had it at 50.
I also haven’t noticed any difference changing the value of sharpen from 0 or 1 in the Usercfg file

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I’m trying the OpenXR Toolkit for the first time. I’m in VR in my G2 and I’m at the MSFS main menu. I cannot get it to start with Ctrl+F2 (or Ctrl+Alt+F2). A check of the System Status in OpenXR shows the toolkit is correctly installed/functioning.The Companion App also shows it as active. Any ideas are most welcome please…

Hi, thanks for reply.

  1. The double vision means that two floating panels are seen in the headset , namely , one panel seen on each optical lens.
  2. the abnormality is random . It can be eliminated by quitting the VR program and re-entering the VR program ( Contr+Tab) . I used to fly when FPS is on , so I could see 2 numbers stacking .
  3. Open VR toolkit setting :
    Overlay: FPS on
    upscaling : NIS
    Factor: 74%
    Sharpness :60%
    world :101
    eye offset - 282 px
  4. my rig: ryzen 3600, 3080, 32 g ram and G2

BTW: I use NIS rather than FRS since NIS gives me much more clarity and performance whereas FRS only gives me the performance boost for some reason, I can see most of people prefer FRS.

Yes that’s my experience too. FSR with maximum sharpening is very subtle

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Does your MSFS window has mouse focus? Do you have a keyboard where the function keys aren’t default (and for example to press F2 you need to press Fn+F2?). Perhaps try to change the hotkeys in the companion app.

Also, were you able to see the “Press Ctrl+F2 …” banner when entering VR?

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Thank you @mbucchia @CptLucky8 and team for your contribution to the community.

I’ve been testing for a couple of days and would like to share some settings that work well for me.

Although I’ve found a really good configuration with motion reprojection disabled that provides never-less-than mid-30’s FPS, I really prefer to fly with motion reprojection enabled. I find its fluidity worth the small trade off in resolution / sharpness. With @BufordTX 's prop modifications, there are virtually no visible MR artifacts while flying, and only minor wing leading edge “warping” while taxiing or very low to the ground.

Nvidia 3070 FE - NVidia GR 511.65
HP Reverb G2

OXR Developer Tool: OXR 80; MR auto
OXR Toolkit: FSR 80 Sharpness 50
In Game: 100 TAA with mostly MED settings throughout

Framerate almost never falls below 22.5 FPS (MR locked x4) in dense cities like NYC, LA, Tokyo, etc.
Framerate is typically running at 30 FPS (MR locked x3) outside of major cities.

I believe there is overhead to bump up some settings in game from medium to high, but honestly I’m really happy where I’m at right now.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I’ve also disabled sharpening within the sim’s UserCfg.opt file.


What are your in-game settings. I have a 3080ti and 5800x and I get around 30 FPS with re-pro off, 150 LOD and 100TAA, 100 OXR, 90 NIS.

I wanted to try the ‘Screenshot’ function of the Toolkik (by using Ctrl + F12), to take screenshots while flying in VR.
But I could not find a way to view this files. I did install the .dds plug-in for IrfanView, but this does only show black images when opening the .dds files taken in FS2020 by the Toolkit.
I also did try the Nvidia Sofware ‘Windows_Texture_Viewer_v089b’ which is made to view .dds files, but this also does not work for some reason.

Is anyone able to view the screenshots taken with the Toolikt?
Thanks and regards

To see the FSR sharpness effect, make sure you have disabled the MSFS sharpness in UserCfg.Opt.

You need to use GIMP software (it’s free) to view the DDS files created by this Toolkit.

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Many thanks indeed for your reply and suggestions.

The mouse cursor is present and functions normally (if that answers the question?).

I have a conventional keyboard, but I’ll try with the Function key all next time.

I’ll also try changing the key assignments next time.

Crucially though, I not see the “Press Ctrl+F2 …” banner when entering VR.

I may try uninstall and reinstalling…

I have disabled the charpness in UserCfg.Opt and the efect is the same “nothing” at least to my eyes. But the quality is perfect for me, only the colors somewhat washed.

Ambient Occlusion High got me an improved picture

On the subject of the scale of the world, for me is perfect. I am a real PPL and I fly on a cessna 172N and the dimensions are correct. I have confirmed it with a ruler and my panel has one meter in VR, aprox the same in real life. You must think the cessna 172 cabin is very small and two persons go shoulder to shoulder and some time close the door is dificult because it hit your body.