OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Since it’s “steals” one more key from the game, we decided it should be opt-in.

I think the second from last is Knaresborough?

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They wont help, they’re all the wrong side of the Pennines, apart from the lakes who happen to be just a little too North :laughing:

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Can anyone help me. Nothing happens when i change my brightness,gamma etc … is it something else i have to enable?

:grin: My comment was a bit tongue in cheek, I just found the default grass colour to be unrealistic in VR. Beautiful pics!

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What exactly is “the platform”? WMR, Oculus etc.?

Yes thats whats it is

Thank you for these, working well! Reposting to help others.

The toolkit and my settings are pretty much dialed in and work great in every plane and place, even MR on or Off. Except one!

At the gate in the fbw a320. If it was just low consistent fps It would make sense but the fps fluctuates so much. It’s just all over the place and won’t settle until airborne. Is this the nature of the beast here or am I doing something wrong. Setting up the plane and taxing in VR is painful.

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I also don’t understand how people can fly with a “prrrt” screen. MR is very smooth and the wobbling is hardly noticeable (at least on my machine)

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What’s a prrt screen?

I don’t understand how people can use WMR, for me it’s artifacts galore and not even that smooth.

Artefacts galore may be a bit exaturated though it’s definitelly not perfect in that regard… but as far as smooth goes…you’re doing it wrong if it"s not smooth because if set up properly it will effectively give you 90 fps

Does it make a difference whether MRP is set up with OpenXR Tools, or within the OpenXR Toolkit menu? Because I have the same problem as @BearsAreCool. MRP not only has the artifacts but it actually reduces my framerate by about 10fps and produces a jerky stuttering mess.

You absolutely have to have mr set up on oxr otherwise it won’t work. You only set the lock ratio in toolkit and you have the option to turn it off as well. But if it’s off in openxr you won’t be able to activate in the toolkit. You should also be aware that MR is taxing. While it does in the end give you the smoothest experience it will also demand more resources. It’s important to find a level of fidelity where MR won’t break (that is, go below the lowest ratio which it needs to function, which is at least 22,5 fps)

Edit: i may be wrong on having to have mr enabled in OpenXR tool for it to work at all. As per @mbucchia’s response below. I will check when i can

In version 1.1.0, the MR options on the OpenXR Toolkit override what you set from the OpenXR Tools for WMR.

Default → Use the value from OpenXR Tools for WMR (MR lock is not available)

Off → Equivalent to Disabled in OpenXR Tools for WMR

On → Equivalent to Always on in OpenXR Tools for WMR (MR lock is available)

The idea behind having the setting in OpenXR Toolkit is because OpenXR Toolkit settings are saved Per Application, so if you play many games, it gives you the opportunity to have MR enabled in some games and disabled in others, without having to constantly use the OpenXR Tools for WMR to change the setting.


I have to recheck then, but when i tested it, if i disabled mr in oxr tool i couldn’t activate it via toolkit

The option via OpenXR Toolkit require a full restart of the Sim, not just Ctrl-Tab.


Aha, that explains it. Thank you for clarification

Its unfortunate. I’m not really sure why it doesn’t do it with Ctrl-Tab.

It’s still a bit wierd though because as far as ratios go i can change them without restarting the sim. I do have to shut down the wmr portal and restart it though not just restart ingame vr. At least i think it is so

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Remember that these backdoor options were never meant to be used that way, and I’m sort of exploiting the unpublished knowledge of how WMR works internally. The lock options are read periodically, but the enable/disable one is only read at startup. However with the way MSFS is holding to some resources, it looks like this particular case does not work with Ctrl-Tab (in spite of the OpenXR Tools for WMR option working with Ctrl-Tab).