Opt-in beta test still planned for the future. Jorg estimates maybe 5000 players would join an opt-in beta test

It’s time guys

So I guess 3rd party devs didn’t get access this time? Would be good to prepare effects in advance for SU6.

I guess it was open for 3PD’s to sign up along with everyone else, rather than an explicit invite.

So I have the new beta file to download in windows store. But don’t see any beta channels to communicate like last time. Anyone else?

You have to opt in per the Dev update
From last week.


It doesn’t look like there is one this time:

I know. I missed the info about beta and it was full already.

Personally, since MS maintains a list of 3PD’s that have been accepted, at least into the Marketplace as we get an update to this number on a regular basis, I think they should have been invited to the Beta before anyone else, and not be expected to sign up like the rest of us.

[BLOG] September 30th, 2021 Development Update.

  • As of 09/26, we have now approved 219 (+0) third parties into the in-sim marketplace and – so far 117 (+0) have released 538 products on PC (+1) and 125 on Xbox (+10).

SU6 could be off to a shaky start if you find your favourite third party planes don’t work properly.

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I guess they got it. Freeware devs unfortunately are not in this program.

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Maybe you should change the title next to your name :rofl: :wink:

Congrats to the beta testers for SU6! SU6 overall was a good update it seems. MSFS is in the best state ever and I think the beta testers for SU6 did a really good job for this update!

Confirmation in the Twich that there were a few thousand testers so take it from me that most of the devs work will have been collating error logs and crash dumps rather than collecting any bugs not caused by the update. I suspect that’s why you never got that forum.

Hopefully they’re going to use somebody elses server. No way it can handle 5000 people.

:rofl: MSFS has a few million users already

they dont play at the same time

Peek users for Steam users today was 8,822
must be somewhat similar MS Store + xbox

Dont think we have more than 30 000 peak players per day.

Its a flight simulator after all, not a shooter or MMO

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Hope they never get on at the same time.

I think public opt in beta testing is much better than the stupid NDA beta testing they do at the moment as it just creates distrust in the developer as to the problems they want to hide. Being open and accountable is always the best approach to your customers as it creates goodwill and helps develop your product in a positive framework of openess and working together rather than creating marketing hype by having these NDA’s which in the end of the day are totally unenforceable outside the confines of the USA other than banning customers, which is a very bad look.

This is a positive step forward in customer relations and expectations!

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Effectively we are all beta testers as every crash is logged with MS which is how they know the vast majority of CTD’s is caused by 3rd party stuff and overclocks …

And I’m all for it as it probably speeds up development by at least half.

Users on at the same time are tiny tiny tiny, they like to throw out “Millions” but even on Twitch the biggest streamers barely do a couple of hundred people so it is maybe downloads or “potential clients” but yea still not sure why the servers have people popping in and out with so few players.

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DO they, or is that just wishful thinking … at no time has there been any definitive, technical information released as to exactly what MS / Asobo might be getting back from users PCs.
IF connected to their system, they can see users dropping off the system, but are User’s PC actaually sending in Crash reports, as they do for some other Apps.

Most other Apps, when they crash, are programmed to send in a Crash Report to MS, pop up a notification, showing you what is going to be sent, and asking permission to send that data.

I have seen no such notification with MSFS, nor do I recall agreeing to a blanket permission to send data back to MS for MSFS.
And this has never been talked about or disclosed when the subject come up is any user/MS discussions.

Having said that, I personally have no problem with MSFS sending any relevant Crash Information to MS - the more that can be done to fix these issues the better - but as a software Dev, I have to wonder what is really being sent back, if anything.