Opt-in beta test still planned for the future. Jorg estimates maybe 5000 players would join an opt-in beta test

That was really good news that an opt-in beta test is still being planned, according to today’s Twitch Q&A. And Jorg said he estimates 5000 players may join in the opt-in beta test, which would be a good number to help Microsoft/Asobo test the beta build, but also wouldn’t be too overwhelming for Microsoft/Asobo to handle.

I’ve said this before, but I think if they do the 300 beta testers first in a closed beta (might not be exactly 300 beta testers, and the closed beta would of course include 3rd party developers), and when they are confident they have fixed the problems in the closed beta and the build is solid, they can then open up the beta build to a public opt-in beta test.

This would also go hand in hand with their plan to spread out the sim updates, because it’s the sim updates that have the most code changes and the sim updates are usually the ones that the community fears the most, because sim updates break stuff. Of course, we need the sim updates or else MSFS will not progress. But I think if the sim updates go through more strenuous testing, such as a closed 300 person beta test first, and then open up to a public opt-in beta test after the closed beta is completed, that would help to ensure the sim update release are more bulletproof and free of bugs.


I no longer believe anything these people say unless are publicly demonstrable facts.


I think Microsoft/Asobo are overall doing a good job. And I think we can help them further in the beta test phase, if they allow us to help them with opt-in beta testing.


A bigger Beta testing community means a much bigger team at Asobo / MS to process and take note of all those Beta Reports.
Such a big program would need to be structured to be manageable, and a lot of the beta reports designed to have their processing more automated.
Not a easy task, with such a cross section of potential beta testers submitting so many, varying reports.


How was the q&a? Haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Did they address all the sentiment post SU5?

They sometimes talk a big game, but I hope it comes true!

I think you are approaching this from an incorrect angle. The amount of reports will reduce.

The Sim Updates as we receive them now, will then be on the Beta branch. So essentially we are now all forced on the beta branch.

Once it is stable it’ll be pushed to the stable branch. (something that we don’t have now)


They don’t need to spread them out … they need to work on the problems that exist.

They would have to address what the testers find.

Look at all the stuff that still broken from day one that they have not addressed.

They can’t manage what they have much less 5000 testers.


Half way through watching it now - really good actually so far and worth a watch. They are aware of a lot og the forum feedbback. Not got to the SU5 “post mortem” agenda item yet!

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I just finished the Q&A.

They ALWAYS make me feel better (Although I think we all got burned after the SU5 reveal). But I really do appreciate Jorg answering Jayne’s question about lessons learned from SU5. That made me feel better.

Also LOVE seeing Seb so energized today - great job. There’s a lot coming that I think is in the right direction.

Can we also say huge news re: Working Title working on the 787 and 747 now?? Just wish it was sooner versus “some time in 2022” – that stings a bit, but hey I’ll take it.

Jorg also understanding the community’s need to open up the premium deluxe planes flight models (still keeping DRM protected of course) so that modders like Comi/Heavy and Salty 747 can make the 747 and 787 even better – that was promising.

Of course I was ecstatic to see my photogrammetry/LOD bug finally get some love with the upcoming SU6.

Finally, LOVE the idea for SU8 to be only for “bug squashing” - no new features, no updates to the world - just fixing these ever present bugs. That’s maybe the best news I got from today’s Q&A - just hope it happens!


Sorry just a shout out to @Jummivana for asking those questions in todays q&a - the twitch chat can get so insane at times but she asked a lot of the questions we all wanted asked and she does a fantastic job.


Agreed…tend to promise you the world, then deliver you an island…


This is a sign that we are moving out of Alpha then?
Good to know.


All - I have beta tested Windows 95-98 and 98SE for MS in days of old. They can handle thousands of testers, trust me. Now if Asobo is lead, then 5000 might tax them. Having a core of 300 initially, is a good number, but another concern comes to play.

  1. It’s estimated 1,000,000 players of this game, now how many of that number of players have exactly the same hardware configuration? Like grains of sand in the sea. The first need for this to work, is to get a baseline on PC specs, and if you meet the baseline, and other criteria then you are in. If you don’t meet the baseline, you cannot be in either group. I suspect, many people are trying to play this game with barely minimum PC’s squeaking by, but barely.

  2. And a big, big caution, the distribution method for this game, is a mess, too many people have issues getting updates in the store, and then getting updates in the sim. So, for this to really work, they need to move the “beta group” to a set of servers which are more of a direct connection for the download, so those folks are not stymied by it. A dedicated reporting “bugs area” sans Zendesk also needs to be set, so those folks have a direct pipeline into the people who are going to fix things found. Keep this group, the 300 separate from the rest of the community, otherwise it’s going to get all fouled up. And, none of the 300 or the 5000 can comment here in the forum period, part of the NDA. All “fixes” stay in the beta area, till a “game wide” patch or update is pushed out. No cheating, with config file fixes posted here. Keep the results in house, until we all get the benefit of any updates.

  3. It would be fun to do it, but my internet is too slow and I would be a burden, and not a help. So, I will forgo volunteering for this.

  4. On posters said, why test, they know the bugs already, yes, that is true. But, test the solutions provided on the bugs and see if the solutions coded fix, said issue.

  5. Concentrate on fixing one or two parts of sim, get those working, and then move on to another couple of areas which need work, fix test and repeat. Do not try to fix the whole game, or even test the whole game at one time, since the WU’s have been “for the whole game” and look where we are now.

  6. In MHO, ATC/Navigation/Planes are the three biggest areas of “what might or I feel is broken”, so, to make this as tough as possible, use testers in Europe, testing out North America for bugs and fixes, and use NA folks to test out Asia, and Asia to test out Europe. If I know an area (USA), I will also possibly know work arounds to successfully complete my test, that in actuality, would still be broken. Using folks NOT familiar with an area, makes it more of a challenge and we will discover more which aint good. And the 'aint good" can then be fixed.

  7. Now to prove the validity of this, let’s see some potential hardware specs, and some criteria which is going to cement the “300” and the “5000”, which has to be met. Minimum Internet connection speeds should be a given as qualifier as well. And yes, if a good connection and fast works, should it be assumed a slow one will? One test should be just that :“area of distribution” used now, to either cement this current method, or to usher in a change to a secure login site, and we choose to download the whole patch/update, and then on our machine it decompresses and installs, like most of the updates we currently get from 100% of other software now.

Now all you Wizkid’s can tear this apart, but I believe this is a start of a good idea. Which hundreds of us have been asking for since almost day one, ok, at least day three?


I am all for more testers, I had been asking for a proper pre-release test since before the sim launched on Aug 18 '20. But the issue isn’t that they don’t have enough testers, the issue is they don’t act upon the BRs they do get.

iirc we had something like 16,000 testers as part of alpha/beta, that was the number I remember seeing before they hid it, and yet look at how terrible that release was. - The issue has never been a lack of bug reports, it has been an inability to listen and focus on important issues.


Kinda wishing we were out of Beta, before they sold us this game.


Was very interesting to hear that they are trying to keep multiple versions live in the future - so you could run SU 7 and SU 8 simultaneously for a few months and people could move when they are ready.

This is a long expressed wish for many people - don’t force an update - and Martial said they are working on it. It apparently takes doubling all the servers, which is easy, but also adding more of the people working on the dev team, cause now you have two versions you need to support, and this is harder for obvious reasons.

Very interesting news indeed.

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Imagine how many vocal forumites they could shut up with NDA’s :rofl:


Probably very few, unless they started prosecuting NDA breaches.

The testers who honour their NDAs do so in part because we like doing our part to try and improve the sim, and we want to be able to test and report bugs for future updates. That obviously becomes very difficult if we get expelled from the program for a breach of NDA.


For those who have not yet seen the latest Dev Q&A (details and agenda here), then I would suggest taking the time to watch it.

As always, the proof is in the pudding, but thus far I am pleased to hear the direction that is planned for MSFS over the next few updates and the clarifications that were given on the priorities that are set.

A functional beta programme seems to be very much part of their plans in order to achieve greater stability for those who just want to concentrate on enjoying MSFS rather than volunteer to be testers for the sim.


Agree, there was a lot of information and (as important) commitment and attitude shared last night on the Q&A.

It is easy for people to make jokes and poke fun at this and pour scorn on the words. That’s fine, although it obviously doesn’t help anyone or anything.

I, for one, am very encouraged.

Sim update 6 and 7 look good, Reno seems to have created some helpful spin off benefits to the rest of the sim, the plan to use sim update 8 as a bug fix only update makes sense, plus all the beta test stuff mentioned above.

Their commitment shines through and I am happy with where they are talking this, and it’s great to be along for the ride.