Option not to sync settings between devices

I would of course like to see features like better realistic multi engine physics etc. - which this forum is full off, won’t repeat it. I know you developers, are making very hard on it.

I just wanted to to share one thing, that drives me crazy from time to time… And it is the synchronization of settings! Maybe I am too old that I am not overhelmed from having everything in the cloud… But, I have the simulator installed on my “simulator PC” and on my notebook. The “simulator PC” is dedicated to run only flight simulators, related software and nothing else. On notebook, I have it for case when I want to play with editor, the SDK and study the technology of this amazing piece of software. But as the settings sync, it drives me crazy when for example I turn on SDK mode and it will get turned on other machine too as soon as sync happens. I do not have a complete list, but something is being synced, something not. I would like to have an option to not sync at all, or every computer separately (basically just backup). Because it can really “warm the steam” in me when the graphic settings on my “simulator PC” gets broken by this after spending some time to fine-tune it (later of course I do not know what did I setup and how).

Maybe I can set this up somewhere in the XBox, but I did not find it :frowning:

So, I have two machines with totally different configs and, therefore, would like that the control set and other sim settings remain different. Is there a way to prevent synching data between these computers? Whenever I change PC´s, I have to re-config multiple settings and that is really annoying.


Doubt, those settings are saved in your profile so I don’t see any way to split it unless you have another account which of course means another purchase

I totally agree. Some way should be implemented to prevent settings, downloaded items, etc. from syncing between devices. In my case, I have XBOX and PC. For reasons of storage space I can choose one or the other packages to install. But, for example, if I uninstall a content pack, for example, on my XBOX, it also uninstalls it on my PC and I have to re-install it and vice versa. I think the most convenient thing would be to be able to choose the options in each of the systems. At least there would be some option to be able to choose if you want to have the different platforms synchronized or not.

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