Option to completely disable the "low bandwidth" warning


Yes I know I have a slow connection, and no I don’t need reminding nearly every single time I go into a flight. Also I am willing to wait as long as needed for the online/photogrammetry data to fully stream in, I don’t want to be automatically switched to offline mode (which means I have to go to the settings and manually enable Bing data, making the overall wait even longer).

Can you please make this warning a toggle in the settings so that I don’t ever have to see it again? Or maybe a “don’t warn me again” option when it comes up?

I have gotten this warning even though an immediate bandwidth test afterward shows that everything is fine on my end. Clearly the logic with this warning is flawed.


The Zendesk article explains that the warning is supposed to appear “when the bandwidth was inferior to 5Mbps during the download or if it takes more than 3 seconds to load a tile during a flight”. However, you are entirely correct that it also appears to users with much faster connections, and it also probably triggers when the problem is on the Microsoft servers’ side (more of a reason to allow us to disable it).

Myself I do have a rather slow connection that can sometimes go below 5Mbps, but especially after Sim Update 5, I am getting this warning all this time. I really don’t need to be reminded that much.


Something I noticed, when deleting the fs-base-cgl package using content manager (which is said to be offline textures and such), it totally blocks me from toggling off the Bing data setting in the UI. I wonder if it would also block the internal code from toggling it off.

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The low bandwidth warning popping up right in my face (in VR) and blocking any input nearly causing me to crash on many occasion is for me the single most irritating thing about this sim. Changing my settings without asking is just adding insult to injury.

I have a 1gb fiber connection and while the AT&T provided modem does suck and needs to be rebooted frequently, more often than not I feel it’s the servers causing these messages not my connection.

So yes please give us an option to disable this warning or change it to a unobtrusive message in the corner of the screen that I don’t have to interact with.
While you’re at it Asobo maybe rework the warning to say if it’s my bandwidth or the servers that is the issue.
Lastly stop changing my settings. I’d rather fly around a melted hellscape then suddenly be back in FSX terrain graphics.


BTW… if you are flying with a Rolling Cache, try turning it off to see if it makes a difference. For me, the darn messages stopped when i turned the Cache off.

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Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it did not help me (still getting the message with nearly every flight), but hopefully it will help those with faster connections.

I had the same issue, a after I increased the cache to 75 GB all is fine.

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agreed, this warning is Horrible

blocking Both your view and control input And requiring input for something that we have no control over is plain dumb
ive lost 2 flights for this happening at landing, one a bushtrip and one a long flight
i do not appreciate being Forced to crash, which was the basic effect of losing control on short final

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That’s interesting. Can you confirm whether this also eliminates the warning when flying into completely new areas (that aren’t already existing in the cache)?

That sounds truly awful, luckily I haven’t had this happen to me yet, but then lately I haven’t been flying towards airports due to the poor ground performance. The worst part of these warnings is that they are too intrusive and totally take control.

Added upvote to this suggestion.

Would also like to see the option extended to the “connection lost” pop up box and the subsequent “connected” pop up box.
I’ve had multiple instances where i get the connection lost/connected pop up box cycle, yet all MP traffic and AI traffic and everything else seems to work. Same exact thing happening to other players at the same time as well, verified in group events I’ve been a part of (changing servers makes zero difference).

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