Option to disable stroboscopic Propeller Effect

Please give me the Option to disable that stroboscopic Propeller Effect. It’s an Effect you only see on Video, not in real life.


Humm… this is a video game?
Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing here, but unless your framerate is much higher (or lower) than the frequency that a prop blade happens to appear on the screen, you will see the effect?
Unless they animate props as a blurred disk instead of prop rotation, but I think they stopped doing that years ago.

You only see this Effect when you take a Video from inside the Plane. In real Life its not there.
It comes from the Video Frames (30 or 60).
Google for stroboscopic Effect

Its not my framerate, it’s just a silly ingame feature

Edit: Ok, i see what you mean. You might be right and its not an ingame feature. And if so, PLEASE Devs, give me the Option for Circle outline. Because is way more realistic!