Option to have Crash and Airframe/Engine Stress Damage as Notification only

Crashes require players to get back to main menu and load the flight again which can be frustrating and also takes quite some time. I turned them off for that reason. But… I still would like to know if I did something wrong and would’ve died IRL. It would be nice to have it only as notification “you’ve overstressed an aircraft” with no need to reload the flight. Kind of same as with icing right now where we can only have a visual effect without the risk to crash.

and maybe it is not too dificult to implement:

additional to a pop-up declaring the crash (only notification, the handling of the plane itselfs would be similar to option “no crash”), some stuff like:

  • G-Impact Force
  • type of damage
  • “probability and strength of human injuries (death/severe/light injury)”
  • last 3-5 seconds as number/diagram: about impact/overstressed speed horizontal and vertica &, how much where overdone the limitations

so there would be three kind of crash setting:

  • no crash detection (existing)
  • only crash detection notification (new!)
  • crash detection with nice melody (existing)
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Hi, on the screen that comes up when you overstress the aircraft, please can you add the option to ignore and continue flight? (Alternatively, some kind of pop up overstress “warning” would work as well.)

I know that I can disable the overstressing entirely, but I would like to be able to learn where the overstress point is in different scenarios without having to restart the entire flight. Many different aircraft/developers seem to simulate it very differently. Thanks !

This has my vote - a couple of times I would have learnt something if I had the opportunity to carry on. As it was, an exit without a choice means that a learning point was lost. That’s a very good justification for allowing the flight to continue.

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Yes, dealing with the consequences would be better than ending the simulation. Over stress the engines, then have engine performance affected or even cut out entirely. Extend flaps at too higher speeds, then blow the flaps out. Similar scenario for landing gear, either locked in place or stuck partially extended, that kind of thing.

Exactly – IMMERSION, as well as an added incentive to learn, and not crash again !!

Novel concept : CONSEQUENCES for your actions

But you don’t learn, without some explanation as to WHY you crashed, so yes, that would be a valuable addition to the simulation.

lets see how smart AI can be at diagnosing your Crash, and making recommendations as to what to do / not do, next time.

Post flight De-Brief … either built onto the sim, or maybe done better by a 3PD would be a great addition.

I’d open my wallet for that, a feature that could be used after EVERY flight , over yet another so-so Airport that one seldom visits