Option to make external view instruments smaller

Is there any way to make the UI smaller?

You might try “Options -> General -> Accessibility -> Interface Scale” to check if it fits your purpose.

I have tried that but it only makes the names of poi smaller…but thank you!

np, worked fine on my end, though. weird.

Could you kindly explain what you mean by making the UI smaller?

Hi! Thanks for replying.
Probably wrong wording on my behalf…
What I meant was the info that is displayed on screen when outside of aircraft…ie Airspeed, Engine1/2 , Fuel, AOA, Flaps, Trim, VS.
I would like the option to make it smaller if at all possible.

Kind regards


Sorry for the delay. Understood, now! You were referring to these instruments:

I hope you don’t mind that I changed the title to make it clearer what you were looking for.

The ability to scale the instrument overlays down would be nice, though I would also really like this to be brought back as a minimal external HUD option.

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Wow this looks good!
And please bring an option to have just the airspeed as a permanent number shown in some corner of the screen in the inside and outside view, not every airplane has a HUD.

It would be some nice addition if there was an option to scale back the instruments in external view.
Every now and then I switch from cockpit to external and I like to have the instruments for sure.
I just don’t like them that big.
If they cannot be scaled easily, maybe they can be reduced to some set sizes, like 25 or 50 % of the current size?

Ye, I like that idea :slightly_smiling_face:

There is a new option between “full” and “none” (can’t remember the name, sorry) introduced in SU6 I think that gives a “minimsed” version of the HUD - have you tried that?

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You are correct, a minimal option has been added. Although I don’t find it as simple and elegant as the top HUD in Microsoft Flight I previously demonstrated, I guess it fulfils the original request.

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Agreed - your image above looks considerably better

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