Option to NOT automatically load route into GPS or FMS

You could leave the runways blank indeed, I normally do that as well. I haven’t tried asking for IFR clearance within the game itself, but I assume it won’t take you to the main menu where you can really adjust the route etc.

I don’t mind myself, I fly the Embraer E-jet and ATR myself in real life, I was just wondering why there is no option to disable this. Its not very realistic, I wish it worked like that in real life (with stored company routes it kind of does).

No, there wont be nice interactive planner like the world menu once you jump into the aircraft. There are other threads requesting for charts to be available in flight. We will see if that will be implemented.

Don’t plan the route in the world map, plan it for yourself in skyvector (and similar programs) => nothing get’s loaded into FMS

Once your set up your route manually in the FMS, request ifr from ATC (as in real life). ATC will recognize your manually entered route.

Well in real life ATC has a flight plan for you flight so its not exactly as in real life. But I didn’t know ATC recognizes the manually inserted GPS / FMS route, that’s a good one.

To be honest, I know for sure it did in Patch 2/3.

I didn’t use built-in ATC since then (I use Pilot2atc)

Ah ok, I’m using the ATC system with my own phraseology mod, I did take a look at pilot2atc but I don’t like the made up phraseology.

Ok nice to know, will take a look at it

You can load in at a parking spot/gate without any destination etc and input a flight plan manually via the FMS. You can then request IFR clearance after doing so. The game should recognise you have input an IFR flight plan.

To be fair in a real world scenario - if we’re talking about airliners - routes will be preloaded in to the FMS by the airline and all the captain needs to do is set the departure/destination and any procedure as per ATC.

Not necessarily, some companies use stored company routes, some don’t.