Option to select what to download PRIOR to installation


I have the steam version and unfortunately I have pressed the doomed “check file integrity” option after msfs failed to boot. I noticed I have to reinstall the whole sim. I am a premium deluxe customer subscribed to all world updates and free content. I did not have it installed however.

Now, forced to reinstall the sim it requires me to download 173GB, which is just an INSANE amount of data. I am unable to install the sim due to space limitations, it used to take about 125GB of space on my PC. I would like to have it installed (same config as before) but since it initially wants to download all I am now stuck with a pc without sim.

Please look into this, I am certainly not the only person with this problem.

Oh wow, I’m so sorry! When you reinstall, it installs everything in the Content Manager, too?

I’m asking because there’s another Wishlist post that says that Content Manager stuff is not downloaded:

I am very fortunate to not have had to do this, so I am just curious.

Yes it wants to install everything. As long as I did not install everything it keeps prompting me with the update page. Thus getting into the sim is impossible… I would like to install just the bare base sim…

Sorry to hear! I just voted for this. That’s rough!

Are you sure it wants to install everything? I ask because after the latest WU I had problems with corrupted files and the sim went straight through to a re-install. It did say a huge amount (around 125GB) was available but in the end only downloaded about 5GB. I believe the re-install “looks at” what is valid or not then just downloads the corrected files.

I’m also pretty sure if there isn’t enough space available on the storage device you tell it to use, it will refuse to proceed and warn you. With no alternative I’d be inclined to just let it rip and see what happens - you could hardly do worse.

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Yes since the folder is almost empty, thus the check file integrity option has really just deleted all files…
About the size I have 175GB available so sure it won’t complain, but I dont think it is recommended to flood an SSD with data just to the top.