Options for contrast, brightness, gamma, hdr, sharpness level, color saturation, etc

As the title says we’d need some sliders to adjust some graphics settings in game:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Gamma
  • HDR white balance and HDR max brightness
  • Color Saturation
  • Game Sharpness

I know you can actually do this trough nvidia control panel, or trough nvidia freestyle, but the first option is a struggle because any change affects windows desktop, and the second option implies fps drops since frestyle acts as Reshade filter behaviour and also having an overlay may cause microstutters.


Looking at the ‘UserCfg.opt’ file, there seem to be several post-processing effects such as eye adaptation, color grading, fringe, and sharpening for which there are no options in the in-game menu. It would be great if these were added so that the settings can more easily be changed.

I agree. I wish i had more to offer but maybe we should make some noise about this. The exposure change when panning the cockpit is really annoying me.

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Comparing my first flight IRL in a Cessna 172 with MSFS default and then with a bit of colour grading ontop. This is just my perspective as a game developer and artist demonstrating why proper colour grading in post can make a difference in terms of realism for little to no performance cost provided the postFX stack in engine is comprehensive enough.

Would love to see filters or at the very least some basic options available out of the box. SweetFX and ENB’s have always gone hand in hand with flight simulators and MSFS should really consider exposing their post stack to the player out of the box to continue that competitive edge on the market.

Agree. Today I was flying around LEBL and the color of the terrain looked so washed out that I started wondering whether that is how it looks in reality at that time of the day. It was a tone between pink and white if you’re familiar with that. I’ve seen that same tinge of color in the X-Plane orthos down south the coast of California and it’s ugly too.

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turn it off in the cfg file ‘eyeadaption’

I agree, some ingame options would be useful.

But with regards to the Freestyle options for Nvidia cards, I’ve been using those for the past few months and have not noticed any impact on performance at all.

Try them and see what happens on your system.

Could this get some more upvotes? Literally every new patch there will be several complaints regarding the tweaks to the sharpening filter. Some people like the oversharpened look, others dislike it, as well as the halo ringing and the shimmering it can bring. Clearly one solution will not please everyone at the same time.

Most other games I see using AMD FidelityFX CAS have it as an option in the graphics settings. We should be able to completely turn it off or on, and adjust its intensity. Same goes for the awful chromatic aberration effect in the hangar.

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A full set of options like this would be great. But an even simpler change would be useful in the meantime: make the Sharpen post-process filter optional in the graphics config screen. You can manually set Sharpen to 0 in UserCfg.opt which greatly improves the look of clouds in my opinion, but the setting is reverted whenever anything else is changed in the graphics settings.

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I don’t really like the sharpen filter so can I ask for an option to disable it in the graphics panel inside the sim?
For the time being it can only be disabled from the UserOpt.cfg, but if I change anything in the graphics settings it’s enabled again.

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HI all,
I just love the scenery in MSFS, so I am always looking to make the landscape look as real as I can get (hopefully not too much blur effect), was experimenting with filters and shot these few in game clips, would like to ask, would love for a third party to developer to make an addon for in game settings, especially the tilt shift and colour options?

Thanks, any suggestions welcome

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The suggested options might help solve the grey clouds too

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Really hope they add a sharpening slider and some HDR settings as well, voted!