ORBEX-Landmarks-London-City-Pack, updated and configured to be compatible with MSFS 2020 World Update for UK and Ireland

Beautiful but the stuttering would make me crazy. Maybe different graphics settings would help?

Thank you.
My Graphic settings where mostly on Ultra settings, May be too optimistic for my 12 year old computer with middle grade updating only to its CPU and GPU.
No noticeable stuttering when flying with my graphic settings on High only, as you see in my short flight over ORBEX-Landmarks-Paris-City- Scrapes.

Much better. Sorry about the crunch.

Can some explain whats changes are in the 2.0? I yet to install the update as I think Asbo World update 3 was good for me as it has most of the landmarks… how is performance once updated…

Also can you advise if you run World Update 3 as well as Orbx London on top of it or do you have to turn off World update 3 and just install orbx v2.0?


World update three did conflict with original ORBEX Landmarks of London causing some duplications of some landmark like the London EYE and running the Photogrammetry was far from possible to run or perform properly on most computers. Uninstalling your originally purchased ORBEX scenery then reinstalling again from ORBEX central [ORBEX central does not label it as an updated version or version 2 ] hen while still in ORBEX central you will see the CONFIGURE option their for you to choose whether to run with or without your World Three Installed. so choose an option then exit.

I configured mine to run with my world update 3 installed . Performance is very good on my middle grade computer, with Photogrammetry switched off in MSFS 2020 graphic settings.

I’m not 100% sure I get the configuration button option as mines I bought from the MF store. Can anyone else confirm this is the case?
Can I install orbx 2.0 over the top of WU3?

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Is it possible somehow to download the version that‘s compatible with photogrammetry from the in-game marketplace? I can only see one version which seems to be the old one.

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