ORBX announces incredible-looking “Cityscape Sydney”

This looks absolutely incredible!


Currently deleting all freeware 3rd party scenery I have there. Sorry.

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Let’s just hope it looks more incredible than Cardiff did from X-Plane

We’ll see…

OrbX are wonderful at making drool worthy preview screenshots and then releasing scenery that seemingly bears little resemblance.


Would love a real review from a person on this forum… I won’t buy a single thing from Orbyx until I hear from YOU that it’s good. They’re very untrustworthy in my opinion with their latest debacle in August.


Orbx Sydney in development, hopefully followed by Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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This just got released. Anyone has bought it yet?

These derogetory posts against Orbx are completely nonsence. You are comparing a regional scenery in X-Plane with a cityscape scenery in MSFS.

I’m guessing you purchased TrueEarth GB South, were you not impressed? These churches and castles were part of a free post update which hand placed these with floorplan layouts, it was pretty amazing they could achieve this over the south of England.


Looks great, I will buy this when it appears on the Microsoft Store.

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Bought it earlier today.

I spotted where the ABC is on Harris St using the drone camera-even though the building is more of a generic model and not a custom one and the Harbour Bridge modelling is so stunning-unreal!

Impressed by the improvements to night lighting-especially to the Opera House.


What were you expecting? TEGS South covers over 40,000 square miles, and it was designed to produce a more realistic looking landscape than XP default scenery did which it most certainly did. Expecting hand crafted highly accurate buildings in each city that accurately sits on the photo scenery is totally unrealistic for what we paid for that scenery.


I bought this via the Orbx central platform. I am absolutely stunned by the quality of this release. I do have a high spec pc and run with high/ultra settings and 120 res scaling. I am sure it will look great also for lower specs. The attention to detail is mind boggling. I would thoroughly recommend this product, and in my opinion this is a little glimpse into some of the potential of MSFS when coupled with decent third party pay ware.


Pretty cool, always liked Orbx stuff…


I’ve just done my first flight around the city. I think it looks fantastic. It‘s definitely a step up compared to the London landmarks pack (which I own as well). I mainly bought it for nostalgic reasons as I spent 3 month in Sydney 15 years ago. It‘s great to see the house I stayed in, my school, the beaches I spent much of my free time on, the bar where I had too many „schooners“ on my first night and how the cityscape has changed over the years. Well done Orbx.


To anyone wondering of the quality. The size on disk is 8.7 gb.*

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What about load time increase? My issue with scenery addons is they increased my load times far too much to justify the fidelity increase.

Might be different with paid addons as they are probably better optimized or in compressed format.

Nonsense? Well that’s your opinion and little more. Would you like me to dig out some more screenshots to prove my point? That they couldn’t even hand place Cardiff Castle to match the Ortho they sold says it all, as per the screenshot and there were other POI’s the same. Then there’s the ZL16 Ortho’s that were saturated beyond belief in a poor attempt at colour correction, and contained obvious blurry hack job patches in the textures. They took a ton of flak for that and offered some lame response that they might update the Ortho’s to a higher resolution but it would cost because of the bigger file size. I’m not aware anything ever came of that. No idea what OSM data they used but is pretty much stunk across the board and arguably of a lower standard than some freeware. The terrain mesh was inferior to free elevation mesh that’s available out there as well. Countless houses on hills literally sticking out of the ground or rows of buildings just floating in mid air, objects in the middle of roads. The list goes on. So the Ortho’s were a mess, the terrain mesh was second rate, the OSM data was a soup sandwich and the buildings and their placement were a complete joke. It’s like they took one look at some of Drzewiecki Design’s finest work and said ‘Hold my beer’.

Obviously people like yourself think this is acceptable and that Orbx are the best thing since sliced bread and that’s your perogative, your money, your opinion, but don’t automatically assume that because your standards as far as what constitutes quality payware is in the gutter that everyone else does.

They showed their true colours once again with the London City Pack for this sim, so are you unaware of the little stunt they pulled there? My point still stands i.e. I hope this Sydney pack will be of a better standard than some of their previous “work” in this sim and others , not that I will be reaching for my wallet anytime soon to find out.


I’m baffled as to why any of these 3rd party Airports are even needed.
Whenever I see sample screen shots most of them don’t look any better then what is included with the game.
Until I see any of these 3rd party developers up their game I won’t touch any of them. Many of them look like copy & paste jobs from projects they did years ago.

The screenshots look insane and the pricing is very fair imo.

Im excited to see what fellow forum members think of it, a few positive reviews and its a must buy for me!

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Well I thought it was a great effort given the scale of the update, new technology coming to the fore, it’s one of there first products on the X-Plane platform and thousands of custom objects had to be hand crafted and placed.

It wasn’t perfect but it’s a regional update not a small airport, and so much better than the scenery it replaced. I feel the same way about the London Landmarks to a lesser extent, I live in London so I’d like to think I’m in a good position to recognise the effort involved which was considerable given the price point.

This review nicely sums up the values this scenery brings and has the following closing quote.

Orbx have done a stellar job with TrueEarth GB South. It is X-Plane’s first region-based VFR scenery and has exceeded my expectations. It certainly meets Orbx’s high standards and should be the benchmark for any region-sceneries to come.

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