ORBX Landmarks Dubai City Pack, CTD at OMDU

Could someone check OMDU (Dubai Skydive) with or without ORBX Dubai City Pack?
I always get a CTD when trying a Cold and Dark Start from the Ramps or the Fuel Box. The CTD happens when leaving the Ramp and going to the Runway. A hot Start at the Runway did work.

This also happens to me, the loading bar does not move when i try to load into it, and also when I land on the runway (after taking off from another airport) it also crash.

EDIT: I have searched about it and some say that’s this happened to landmarks for London as well, and that Orbx have issued a fix but so far it’s only available from Orbx direct. If you have the Marketplace version then you’ll have to wait a week or two.


Yes, ORBX London City Airport with ORBX London Scenery from the Marketplace has a Problem too. Waiting for the Marketplace Update.
Update for Dubai Scenery and Dubai Skydive Airfield:
ORBX does know the Issue and it’s under Investigation. Happens since SU5.


yep… since SU5 some add-ons cause 50% blue bar and freeze.
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But I understand reported was a different issue with a CTD:

ORBX has updated their Dubai City Landmarks. No more CTD at Dubai Skydive.

Still causing CTD on Xbox series x…

Starts stuttering and CTD!!

Reinstalled the dlc, refreshed rolling cache. Still CTD after 5-10 minutes

The MSFS Burj Al Arab is more detailed then the ORBX one. Is there a possibility to exclude it from ORBX scenery?