ORBX Landmarks Dubai City Pack, CTD at OMDU

Could someone check OMDU (Dubai Skydive) with or without ORBX Dubai City Pack?
I always get a CTD when trying a Cold and Dark Start from the Ramps or the Fuel Box. The CTD happens when leaving the Ramp and going to the Runway. A hot Start at the Runway did work.

This also happens to me, the loading bar does not move when i try to load into it, and also when I land on the runway (after taking off from another airport) it also crash.

EDIT: I have searched about it and some say that’s this happened to landmarks for London as well, and that Orbx have issued a fix but so far it’s only available from Orbx direct. If you have the Marketplace version then you’ll have to wait a week or two.


Yes, ORBX London City Airport with ORBX London Scenery from the Marketplace has a Problem too. Waiting for the Marketplace Update.
Update for Dubai Scenery and Dubai Skydive Airfield:
ORBX does know the Issue and it’s under Investigation. Happens since SU5.


yep… since SU5 some add-ons cause 50% blue bar and freeze.
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But I understand reported was a different issue with a CTD:

ORBX has updated their Dubai City Landmarks. No more CTD at Dubai Skydive.