Orbx London City in update

Is this normal when updating UK and in general with an important contributor developer as Orbx?
Why they have not close contact with the developer to solve this before the update?
This great simulator will be perfect with better communication with customers and developers.

From Known Issues

  • For users having the “Landmarks London City Pack by Orbx” bundle, the new enhanced scenery with the United Kingdom & Ireland update seems to create conflicts that prevent users from seeing the scenery quality expected.
    Workaround: Uninstall the “Landmarks London City Pack” until an update is available.
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ORBX have released the following “communication”:

"We would like to provide you with an update on the recently released Microsoft World Update: United Kingdom, and how it affects our Orbx Landmarks London City Pack product.

The Microsoft update includes all new photogrammetry for central London, along with several dozen new custom models of landmarks, like London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

What does that mean for our customers that have purchased and installed the Orbx Landmarks London City Pack product?

In its current form, Landmarks London conflicts with the Microsoft update due to overlapping landmark buildings and our terraforming files. Thus, you will see duplicate buildings, as well as missing areas of photogrammetry buildings, among other inconsistencies.

We are currently working on a separate pack which will be fully compatible with the Microsoft World Update: UK. This will be free for customers who have previously purchased the London City pack.

Once this pack is released (in a week or less in Orbx Central and possibly a little longer on the MS Marketplace as we are dependent on their approval queue), there will be two products: one for the non-UK update and one for the UK update. You will then be able to activate one or the other, depending on whether you have the UK update running or not.

In addition, we are planning a comprehensive content update in a few weeks’ time to add some exciting new landmarks to both packs.

If purchasing the pack as a new customer, you will be able to choose either product, though both will be included in the same price, ie. you can get both, pay once, and decide which one you want to run.

In the meantime, if you want to deactivate the Orbx London pack, you can do one of the following:

If installed via OrbxDirect, uninstall in Orbx Central; or
Uninstall inside MSFS from Profile>Content Manager (search for 'London")"



I bought London marks before, and i heard there is some issues right now with the new update, so i want to know if it is fixed or not?

Hi there,
I moved your post here because other people were talking about the same thing. See @EvidencePlz 's post, above.
They said you can follow their announcements in their forum or on Twitter for more updates.

Looks much better, but Asobo has still ensured that “tis a barren wasteland of ash and dust, the very air you breathe is a toxic fume”

It has been updated and now it fits the photogrammetry with no issue. For now it’s only the version on Orbx direct but they’re working to do the same with the official marketplace version.

The problem with this specific update is that London wasn’t ready until the last moment. Its photogrammetry was the whole reason why the update was delayed twice. So I’m positive MS didn’t have a version to give Orbx to work on a compatibility patch in advance.

I have a feeling with the next update and Paris it’s gonna be better.

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Is it actually worth it? Asobo added around 30 handcrafted landmarks around London alone. So, does ORBX’s make any difference. I wanted to get the ORBX one and then I saw how much work was done by Asobo and I begun to wonder if it is worth it. I have read that because ASOBO added so many landmarks that were in the package, ORBX is going to expand their package even further.

Photogrammetry + Landmarks combo usually makes the most immersive and beautiful experience in MSFS, so I am a huge fan of getting Landmarks in cities covered by photogrammetry.

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It depends really. Orbx’s has a lot of landmarks that aren’t including in Asobo’s update, and they’re going to add more in an update to their package (of course they want it to be worth purchasing still).

For instance, the skyscrapers right on the approach to London City are all modeled in Orbx’s package (while most of them are poxy photogrammetry in MS’s version), and there are nice touches like Belfast anchored in the Thames.

Considering that the price isn’t high, and that it’s going to get even more content, I’m happy to have it.

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When is it going to work with World Update 3. If you purchased it from the Market Place?

I’ve just had to do a full re-install and afterwards noticed that there was an update (v1.1.0) which I’m just downloading now in the Content Manager. Will check it out later.

Is Orbrx london update out on the Market place…I Ioad it up press version and it still stays the old version ( I uninstalled it from Market place)…b4 uk update version 1.1.0 nov 27th

Just checked in the marketplace, still sais 1.1.0 from Nov. last year!

Come on, asobo, the update is out on ORBX since 10 or more days. What does it take so long to update here too?

I was considering buying other products via the marketplace, but with a customer service like that, I’d rather buy it from ORBX directly!

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the update is out on ORBX since 10 or more days.

Is it? Can’t see anything on the Orbx site and haven’t read any announcements.



just two discussions over at ORBX forums. Seems to be out for customers who bought it directly with them. Asobo / Microsoft seem to take their time to upload a fix already provided by ORBX.

So, seems like I have to buy my next addons directly there…

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Yep, just updated the sim to, still no joy regarding an updated London-pack on the marketplace!

Oh, f…



That’s gonna come with one of the Marketplace updates, which usually happen on Thursdays. Sim Update has nothing to do with 3rd Party stuff. But YES, you should buy from Orbx.

Seems like its in the Marketplace now… but that’s been two weeks after OrbX released it!

yup, downloaded and installed, took a short flight.

Looks great! :star_struck:

But still, two weeks :unamused: