Orbx NZ Mesh - First Impressions

First impressions running the new Orbx NZ mesh, released today.

To my eye it looks pretty similar to default (wonder what the MSFS mesh res is for the region- 20m maybe?), but there is no water climbing around coastlines or any sign of rounded off mountains popping in and out of shape makes for a much more immersive experience that default!

I note that the Orbx NZNI/NZSI addons from FSX and P3D contained the same resolution 10m “Holgermesh”, so this addon is as at least as good as previous versions of virtual New Zealand for the sim. Looking forward to the 1m res updates that come up in the future!


Why cannot MS-Asobo do this in the base Sim? Is it just about $’s? Cheers

I see that you understand :wink:

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Asobo typically update the resolution of the DEM as they go around the globe with their world updates. Oceania has not had one of these updates yet, nor has it been announced for the future, so this is the best compromise in the mean time for kiwi simmers!


So save our $$$? It’s quite pricey for what it is.

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Hi guys,
As a Kiwi, I’m interested in knowing how does this affect terrain around cities and existing airports ?

Minor warping around Bluff Hill, Napier is all I have noticed with the NZA Simulations addon but the team are aware of this and working on a flatten. All other default airfields seem ok!

You have to install Sergio’s freeware NZMF to make the Orbx mesh work as he did quite a bit of terrain morphing around Milford Sound, however my personal preference is the true to life Orbx data.


It looks of similar quality to the French alps after the last update. A definite improvement but possibly not as pronounced as some might hope.

I kind of agree with the poster who started the other thread saying stuff like this should really be part of the default sim experience rather than as a paid for add on. If I was going to pay for anything like this I’d want it accurate to a meter so there was a really big difference to the default terrain.

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Seriously? This is literally what they do every other month in a free update. I expect they’ll at least get down to 20m when they get to this region.


Are you new to flight sims? Upgrading base mesh with add on packages such as this one has been the norm for the last 15 odd years.

We are just fortunate that the base DEM is resolution is quite high in New Zealand. Unless you are virtually flying in the country regularly- it won’t make a noticeable difference for you, but as mentioned in the original post, it stops the terrain LoD popping in and out of higher/lower levels as you fly along and gets rid of all the mountainus glitches around multiple sharp peaks in the Southern Alps.


Flight sim 2020 isn’t really the norm though is it? Its doing things differently. I wasn’t meaning to seem like I was complaining in my original post. I still marvel everyday at what this sim is doing to make everything work the way it does. I’d just rather Bing maps got better global DEM data and then we wouldn’t have to worry. Asobo have said they are planning on getting new higher quality DEM data so we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires.


I agree with this; just because it was the norm 15 years ago doesn’t mean we have to go back. Microsoft and Asobo have demonstrated that this can be streamed and it results in a much more enjoyable experience for everyone across the board at an affordable price, and to go back to storing gigs of terrain data on your local machine is a bit of a step backwards.


Why should they? The baseline is whatever resolution bing maps provides and its perfectly serviceable. Like custom airports if you want to improve on this you either wait for a world update or use a third party product.

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This debate is slightly redundant anyway because Asobo have said that Bing intend to improve their DEM data so improvements to the way the world looks will come anyway. If people want to pay early for DEM data then thats up to them.

The only way I’d be up for paying for DEM data is that it was significantly better than anything thats available, not just slightly better. People have there is in existence DEM data for Switzerland thats accurate to 1 meter. That would be make the Swiss alps look incredible.

is this for whole world?

The product looks interesting but it’s very pricey for what it is, with dem data for NZ being free and so on.

I’ll wait for a world update, and with the new mesh tools for MSFS we might get a better mesh from the community soon (check out the free 10m resolution dem for Austria on flightsim.to, looks stunning).

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can you share the name of that austrian freeware?



thank you very much

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