Orbx or what

I would like any views if you live in the UK is the Orbx England (In FSX) add-on better than the default MSFS 2020 England. In my opinion MSFS is way better the terrain is more like the UK although it is not correct I can not find my house and lots of landmarks are missing, the ORBX addon is so expensive and large files if you include the whole of England
So my vote is for MSFS.

In my opinion the scenery in this is way better than the ORBX (or anyone elses scenery for P3D/FSX for that matter) as a base, just because the textures and accuracy of autogen is way better.

I live near Bristol and there were numerous inaccuracies with the ORBX version, such placing tons of large fuel tanks all around for every time it detected an underground fuel storage or something, it was quite silly, but for the general quality of P3D/FSX I guess excusable at the time. The coast lines were also pretty washed out and poor quality as flew south from there, but again, nothing unheard of elsewhere. It was good for P3D/FSX at the time, and I liked it for that, but it’s no comparison to this in my opinion.

I cannot ‘find my house’ in this, but then I couldn’t in P3D/FSX either. Hopefully, the major cities get the photogrammetry treatment eventually as UK really does lack that – it would also be good to see improvements to the mesh, as some cliffs along the coasts, or various gorges in particular need it.

Specifically where I live the textures are better resolution, the colors are better, autogen seems placed more correctly, so despite lack of landmarks MSFS easily is better, not even a close call.

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Try again. I’m in Liverpool and it doesn’t have photogrammetry and isn’t listed as one of the hundreds in Windows 10 Bing map app, yet in MSFS it has everything: my house (and other places I’ve lived in the past), school, universities, nearest church (although some others are missing), stadiums, cinemas and work. Nearly everything. And they all look accurate, even down to 200 feet. I thought places that don’t have photogrammetry weren’t supposed to look accurate but for me that wasn’t the case in MSFS

nope, never, not in a million years (and I bought and used that addon in p3d for a couple of years.).

but ORBX London city pack addon for MSFS 2020 represents London City better than how default MSFS 2020 does.

It’s weird that you use Liverpool as an example, when you know they live in Bristol - you even quoted that bit. :thinking: :question: :confused: :man_shrugging: