Orion 2 Hotas delay input from the Joystick

So my first small Problem is that whenever i try to bind a new key no matter what Function I.E. Brakes it accepts the Input but then i cannot apply it nor get even out of the Window so only thing that helps is alt+F4 but that to me is only a minor nuisance.

The real Problem is that my Joystick inputs are both massively delayed by a few seconds but also whenever i steer only a minimal amount the Plane goes for a 360 so massively overexagerated manouvers, and by the way we are talking about big heavy Jets here. The funny thing is with my Thruster it works perfectly well also the inputs with the Thruster is in real time…

By the way if i get into the Sensetivity Screen where i can check the inputs it works perfectly normal with both the Joystick and the Thruster but as soon as i try to actually steer the plane it goes crazy as described…

I set everything new up so there is no Problem with Mods or anything i dont have any Mods I also made a fresh new install of MSFS still same Problems.

Some Help would be very appreciated im very frustrated also because i got my Orion 2 Hotas just yesterday.

And with the X56 that I refunded already everything worked just fine out of the Box from the Start but it had some major Issues in terms of Quality of the Product.

Did you calibrate the joystick in Windows configuration tool?

Yes i did that aswell but does it really matter when the joystick in msfs settings works perfectly normal ?

Im a Idiot Tomato Sandwich. Has solved already by my own I made a very stupid mistake

Care to share and help others?