OSHKOSH Landing Challenge - ForderLearnToFly

Welcome to the second annual OSHKOSH landing challenge event organized and hosted by ForderLearnToFly (Twitch).
Practice session live on stream: Thursday, January 20th, 5pm Eastern (2200z)
You can also practice anytime you wish in your simulator. Our live stream session will have live ATC.
Competition Date: Saturday, January 22nd, at noon Eastern Time (1700z)

To test your landing skills and compete against other flight simulator flyers.
You follow the famous FISK approach, rock your wings, and land on your designated colored DOT.

Although the KOSH real fly-in event uses these runway dots to allow more than one airplane to land on the runway simultaneously, we are using them for our precision landing competition.

Add-On Scenery & Aircraft:
We use the flightsim.to OSHKOSH scenery add on (free) here:KOSH - Wittman Regional Airport (Oshkosh, Wisconsin) » Microsoft Flight Simulator
You can use any fixed wing aircraft that doesn’t hover and minimum speed is 90 knots cruise.

Sign Me Up!
Here is the registration form: we need flying participants, ATC personnel and runway spotters. Each of these roles requires you to have any version of Microsoft’s newest Flight Simulator on PC or Xbox.
Click here to register:Oshkosh Participants & Controllers January 22nd

Rules: NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions)
There is a participant NOTAM document you will receive after you sign-up. All the details are there. There are special instructions for Xbox users as they cannot install the special scenery, nor use Flight Events.

The basic guidelines for participants:

  1. Fly to Green lake and follow the train tracks on the FISK approach outlined in the NOTAM. You will be at 1800 feet and 90 knots. Twins and higher performance planes can fly at 2300 feet and 135 knots.
  2. As you approach the town of FISK, you will be asked to rock your wings. No reply needed on the radio, but you will rock your wings as acknowledgement.
  3. As you approach the airport, a tower controller will also ask you to rock your wings and give you your designated colored DOT to land on. Approach the runway according to the NOTAM.
  4. Plan your touchdown with your two main wheels on the DOT.
  5. You taxi off the runway according to the NOTAM (runway 27 immediately right onto grass, runway 36 all the way to the end of the runway). You taxi to parking or back to 36 for departure according to NOTAM.


  1. You get three attempts at each runway for a total of 6 landings.
  2. We throw away your worst landing from each runway to get your 2 best landings for each runway for a total of 4 landings.
  3. We also take into account if you have used the FISK approach according to NOTAM. (altitude and speed, rocking your wings).
  4. Each landing is marked out of 5. Both main wheels touch the DOT without bounce equals 5.
  5. If only one main wheel touches the DOT without bounce (off center) you get 3 points.
  6. You get one point for a bounce (any main wheel hits the DOT)
  7. You get 1 point for each successful FISK approach according to NOTAM. (total 6, throwaway 2).

A perfect score will result in a total of 24 points. In the event of a tie, we look at your two throwaway landings to break a tie.

Keep in mind you can get minus 1 point for taking off from KOSH airport from any runway other than 36 according to NOTAM. You have to taxi and depart according to NOTAM to get out and do the FISK approach again for each attempt.

There will be an awards ceremony on the following Saturday, January 29th at noon.
There will be a first, second and third winner (gold, silver and bronze). Each will get a special certificate of their achievement.
There will be certificates for all participants.
There will be certificates for all staff (volunteers for ATC, Judges, helpers)

Use this forum to discuss your concerns or questions. Please be respectful. This is for fun and entertainment. Healthy competition is always a good thing.
Are you up for the challenge? See you then:
-Howard Forder


Our KOSH NOTAMS - Notice to Air Missions
Here are the details of the competition. This PDF is a presentation that will be given during the practice evening, Thursday, January 20th at 5pm Eastern (2200z)
Post your questions here and voice them during chat at the practice.

Oshkosh: The Awards
Come one and all and witness the best of the best at handling their airplanes to land directly on the dot.

Saturday, January 29th at noon Eastern Time (1700 zulu) we award the top three contestants and acknowledge all competitors and staff.

We also had appearances from the Virtual Thunderbirds in their F16s and The Shadow Display Team in their 339s. What a day and we celebrate the event on Saturday to wrap it all up.
See you there.

Hi Howard!

Great to have this event again, it was great fun last year.

One question concerning the rules:

> "You can use any fixed wing aircraft that doesn’t hover and minimum speed is 90 knots cruise."

I´m currently thinking about, which plane i wanna use, it may be a payware, it may be a freeware addon.

Isn´t it so, that the judges, preferrably also the ATCs, should have all participants addons installed, too, to be able to correctly see, if the wheels touch the spots correctly or not?

I´ve seen you hover 3 feet over ground in a float C172 in one of your last streams, as i seem to be missing a livery for it or so…

So if i would have beed a judge, i would have thought, you would not even have touched the ground, if this would have been in an event.

So what´s the way to check, that everyone involved in the event, who needs to see if we hit the spots correctly, has the addons/liveries we use installed?

Thanks for your post Scooty and we have been discussing this, as it wasn’t an issue last year with only PC flyers and no Xbox yet. Xbox users can’t use flightsim.to add-ons or anything other than the Marketplace.

So our spotters need to have the same planes as the participants. If you choose payware, we can’t possibly buy all particpant payware planes for every spotter. We have to stick to stock planes in the sim. Any version of the sim.
If all participants could contact Howard in a Direct Message (DM) on discord and arrange a time to practice run so we can see if you plane touches down properly.
Here is the Discord invite if you haven’t been there yet: ForderLearnToFly

All PC flyers have to install the custom scenery or you won’t see the dots and you would “float” above or below the stock scenery without it.

As for the Xbox users, we may park planes adjacent to the spots for your visual. Alternatively, we could have you land on the grass runway near the EAA building. More details during our practice session.

Hi Forder

Would love to do this but my skill level is not there yet . I need to revisit your excellent tutorial lessons you did with Jayne a while back

Thanks for all the work you do for the community in MSFS

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Thanks for your note @FlashedUnicorn1
If you would like to take in the excitement of the event, fly in before it starts and park your plane on the field to the left of runway 27 or in the exhibitors area near the control tower. You can get out your drone camera and watch all the excitement from your own camera. Better yet, if you have the FreedomFox, you can park it, shut it down and put out your tent, just like in real life at Oshkosh.
Thanks for your kind words.


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