OSNAP waypoint

I use the OSNAP waypoint for my approaches into Manchester Airport (EGCC). Although this still appears in the World Map, since SU11 it is no longer available in my Flight Plans - either those generated from SimBrief or direct from MSFS.


pls describe better, it is available as NAV point but where exactly it can’t be available? On APP, SID,… I see you said approaches but what exactly type? This can be maybe due upgraded procedures and then it is no longer as part of them. Next one important, use of Navigraph?


if I see now updated arrival procedures, no OSNAP included. With RNP app rwy23L there is OSNAP IAF but question is (as my new infos) what runway number MSFS has internally, in case other than 23/05 then this is problem with no correct/updated data inside MSFS.

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