Other aircraft flying too close

Flying from LPMA to GMMN today and SleepyFern 15713 in an F18 kept buzzing me several times


There’s really nothing you can do to stop it other than turn off multiplayer.


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turn off Multiplayer


Sounds like a not so boring flight…Looks like fun to me, Just saying.



What amazes me is that anyone who has an ounce of interest in realism bothers flying with live players unless you were doing some sort of group flight.

Mind you the entertainment value watching A320s crash on take off can make it fun.

Still, yes very unacceptable behaviour. You should file a complaint with the FSAA.


This right here. I see people constantly arguing that they use MP for “more realism”. Yet what the OP describes is the status quo when flying with MP on. And it’s as far from realistic as you can possibly get.

The solution is simple - if you want realism, turn off MP. If you don’t care about the shenanigans of others, leave it on. But the second someone say that MP is more realistic, they’ve pretty much invalidated anything else they’re going to say after that.


Couple of suggestions:

  1. In World Map under Flight Conditions:
    Set Multiplayer to Live Players, not All Players.
    (You find fewer people but they tend to be more serious)
    OR Set to Off (Group Only)

  2. Consider using something like VatSim

  1. Turn off Multiplayer completely. Options>General Options>Data

You probably were being intercepted.


You can always change servers, see if you can find a quieter one if it really bothers you. It doesn’t affect anything else.

Or just turn off multiplayer as others have said.

I agree with this.
Live Players is a setting I often use, especially when flying around busy airports.

MSFS MP support the concept of a Friends List

It should also support the concept of a “Personal Ignore List” – both by X-Box ID, as well as by Plane Type (ICAO code).

One should have the option to have what one consider a disruptive Pilots to be “Left Behind” outside of one’s simulation environment.

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I would love an option to ‘Don’t display any aircraft not in my library’.
I don’t own the Concorde, but when I see one it shows to me as a single prop airplane. lol

Or they could just fix the Model Matching. :wink:

Big difference between Could and Should and Would

A lot of players and Devs are getting involved in this issue… so hopefully it Should be improved soon.

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I will not hold my breath for fear of turning a very dark shade of BLUE !
So annoying, all these FA18’s breaking the sound barrier while zooming down the runway looking like an Airliner or a Cessna. They really should do something about “Model Matching”… They have put forth so much effort in making a really good flight simulator, we need to be able to look out the window and see an aircraft that has a “Very Close” resemblance to the aircraft we expect to see.


Just reach up mid-flight and switch to a different server for a half hour.

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Wow that opened up a can of worms lol :wink:


Were you expecting otherwise? :smirk:

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