Other traffic and menus - Text size in VR?

Hoping it’s just a setting somewhere… at some point I noticed, the “text” for the other aircraft in the sim got super small… and the text for all the menus (such as the ATC menu) when in VR got big.

To where, I can barely read the labels of the other aircraft… and yet the menu text is so big I have to expand the window super huge to be able to read it all.

Is there a setting somewhere to change this? My hunch is I hit some hotkey or something by accident somewhere.

It’s a known regression from the latest sim update.
We all hope they’ll fix it in the next release as this was running fine before.

Clearly, the QA test suite does not cover VR much. This was immediately detectable.

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Go to you accessibility settings and adjust text size and interface size.

IIRC I use 26 and 55% respectively in VR with the Index.

Thanks dude. Didn’t know about those options.

After messing with them, it seems I can use them to fix the menu problem, but then the other airplane labels are TINY.

Oh well. As the previous reply stated, sounds like this is a bug. Hopefully they will fix it.

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This is a regression bug that started with sim update 3 and I have filled a bug report but have not seen any mention of it in any release notes that this is a issue.

Now my only workaround that I have found to make it look like before is to run the MSFS desktop window full screen. Seems like a big waste of resources but have not found a better solution. I use Voice Attack so I added a command Full Screen so I can change it that way in VR.

This makes no difference on my system, only changing the accessibility settings do.

I will certainly look at those settings to see how they work on my system.

PS. On my system here is what I found.

I am testing with my desktop MSFS Windowed and as small as possible.

Initial Accessibility Minimum Text Size 18 Interface Scale 100

Changed for test Accessibility Minimum Text Size 26 Interface Scale 55

When I went into VR the text in the VFR Map was not readable like I had seen before.

On my system the only way I can get the VFR Map and other windows in VR to be readable is for the desktop window to be full screen. Other users may have a different outcome but what I am seeing is very repeatable.

This regression bug is probably monitor resolution dependent reading around here, so 4K or 2K or FullHD monitor induce various VR font sizes.

I shall have added what I’m observing in details:

  • Regardless of FS2020 version/update, the resolution of the main screen, the options screens, and all the UI interface screens resolution, depends solely on the OXR (G2) or SteamVR (Index) scale.

  • I’m running the Index with SteamVR at 124% scale (about 2.2K x 2.4K pixels) and I’ve adjusted the accessibility settings for this: font size 26, interface scale 50 (I’ve just crossed check the exact numbers I’m using right now).

  • The 2D window size on the desktop doesn’t change anything to this, whether it is full screen borderless, windowed (I have a 4K monitor and I’ve set the windowed size to 2K - which also displays stretched, not native 4K, if I ALT+ENTER for full screen).

  • I’ve not tried changing the 2D window resolution and compare whether this is changing anything in the resolution of the UI interface in VR. I doubt it would though.

  • There are 3rd party aircraft where tooltips are smaller than default aircraft tooltips though.

  • I’ve not seen any change in anything I’ve listed above since the first VR release either.

Could this be a newer problem due to WMR/OXR only though?