Out of fuel

What a mistake I do? With the WT CJ4 I am out of fuel in 5 minutes or so after the departure. No matter how much fuel I carry…

Yea… so cool… i luv it… A lifetime of FSX and never thought about fuel management. Got the P-38 and bam… no fuel… I literally crashed trying to figure out y my engines quit. I just added a fuel selector panel to my dash and made sure that thing is configured for every aircraft. They all take different commands in this sim. I dont fly the CJ4 but it definitely comes in to play with the ones I do fly.

you need to select the correct tanks !!

And where do I do that?

the tank selectors in the p-38 are down along the left side of the seat in front of the fuel pumps

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Unfortunately, this thread got derailed by @N953RC9903 and then ignored.
I also noticed a fuel issue with the CJ4 on my first flight. It lasted longer than 5 mins, but I entered the recommended amount of fuel from Sim Brief, and then I added a little extra. But I still ran out of fuel 80 miles from the airport.