Out ot Patience

I have been very respectful and patient during all the updates, and have really had no complaints, as this is a BIG endeavor, but I am really just running out of patience and desire to even start this sim any more as performance is worse and worse with every update. Think it’s time to hang it up and move on to something different to spend my time on. This was going to be my escape and destress time, but more and more issues with every fix no longer accomplishes that. :frowning:


Just a rant or do you have an actual issue?


Just a rant. I have been pretty lucky I guess and have never had a CTD or real issues other than Stuttering and FPS drops week after week. Today is the worst yet and I have not changed any settings since original launch. Most everything on Medium, to have have smooth flights. Sorry for the rant, just disappointed today.


Just as there are tons of post stating the game is perfect and works flawlessly and it is the best in the world, I hope the CM guys let you express yourself too.

Sadly I suspect they will delete your post. But sir, you are not alone.


No problem!

There are lots of people reporting issues with performance.
Did you check if you are running with TAA?
Also, check if you have FXAA active in your Nvidia Control Panel
Some people reported that updating the video driver to the latest version release yesterday fixed the perf issues.

I hope you are able to fix it!


I feel the OP’s pain. I am one that has rarely had performance issues but this latest patch has made the game nearly unplayable with the performance. Frames have been cut in half if not more than half in all scenarios.


Guys, it’s just community forum. All what we say only for us. Asobo doesn’t care what we write here and I’m pretty sure they don’t even read it. Even Zendesk is the first line of support, bugs introduced there not all end up in the internal bug tracker. We only have two choices. Constantly whine about the imperfection of the game or delete it and forget it like a bad dream. Oh no. there is one more option. Relax and enjoy what we have. But this is for BDSM lovers.


Yea some can’t even enjoy what we have because the performance has become unplayable though, so theres that.

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This is really unfair, what you say. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. And the performence is for me a miracle. If you compare e.g. with P3D V5: When there is rain or clouds, some traffic and a nice airport you get a slidshow. Xplain is even much worse. I spent thousends of dollars (Swiss Francs really) to buy eleborated planes, airports and tools. At the end, I brought my pc to a specialist who cleanded the whole sh… away and made it fit for MSFS.
Now I have nearly every setting to 100 % and my simulator runs like a film. I enjoy it so much and have flown already 100 h.
The only thing I really miss is the splendid ProATC tool, my former ATC tool.
And I wait patiently for really good airliners, like the ones from PMDG and Majestic.
(please excuse my english)


You can get the frames back.
There are multiple reports regarding issues between Nvidia Control Panel settings and FS2020.

Yea that was the first place I went and I already had them configured to what I believe was CptLucky’s guide for it. I do see where some users are getting MSFS frames back going through nvidia panel and fixing the FXAA option but looks like half as many users are seeing no benefit there. I just updated my drivers and loading up MSFS now. Hopefully it is a little better as I have already moved render scaling to 50% with no luck.

There is a last resort to completely discard the driver configuration.

You can use DDU to uninstall the drivers completely from you PC and have a clean install.
I do it from time to time because those drivers are not great as well.

How much value would you put in those working perfectly comments? what your system, what are you flying, where are you flying, how are you stressing or not. I put very little weight on those general flip comments


There are more options. Get a life and enjoy the free time with Family, Friends, Kids, cook a tasty meal, watch a nice movie, read a interesting book etc. :wink:


I may have to give that a try then. I’ve heard from many sources that is a good practice anyway when updating. Updating the driver has had no effect, same lower frame rates.

Me too. It is interesting to me that people feel motivated to create posts saying the game is perfect and that it works fine. I understand all the guys feeling frustrated and such, it is logical to ask for solutions, but It is hard to understand the guys creating posts to say it works fine, I mean, it’s OK if it works fine according to your expectations. We have to respect all the voices right?


What is TAA if you don’t mind me asking and should it be on or off.

Im very new to all this!

It’s bad option. There is much more bugs.

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I feel your pain my friend. Game was running so smoothly up until this patch. I got my frames back to pre latch levels but the sim somehow isn’t as smooth as before. Much more stuttery. Reminds me of FSX

‘Working perfectly’ is quite a broad observation. The problem is that there are so many variables it would be impossible to compare one with another. My game PC is dedicated to flight simulation, so I don’t have to be concerned with other configurations. And my requirements in flight are most certainly less stringent than others here. I fly the Longitude. I create a flight plan, start at a gate, go through the startup, chat with ATC about a runway, take off, then turn off ATC. I activate the AP, get to my desired altitude, then sit back and relax. I get where I want to go, turn off AP, land, then ask the ground controller for taxi to parking. I don’t do all the extra stuff you guys do - but more power to you if you do.

Because my needs are minimal, I don’t have the problems that a lot of you are having. So I’m happy, and yes, my setup works perfectly. But yes, I wish they would fix everything, because who knows, someday I might want to actually fly it like a real life pilot would.

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