Out Skerries Floating Fenceposts

Noticed in the MSFS official scenery Out Skerries EG78 that there are floating fenceposts everywhere. It’s not much of a big deal but since this is supposed to be the crown jewel of the official UK update I thought they’d want to know so they could fix these little bugs.

I ran into this too when making scenery - they need to rotate them to match the terrain so if they did any terrain changes this happens. I found that some scenery seems to have also shifted between 2-5 metres. Makes a lot of adjustments for scenery developers every time the DEM changes

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thanks for your input. interesting. id assume the objects would sit on the ground so if the dem changed tne objects would still sit correctly. but must not work that way

That is how it However, when I refer to the DEM I am actually referring to a possible change in slope. The slope is a variable set in the fence object, and I had to rotate the fences I placed or they would not follow the terrain. If I did not rotate them, they would look like your screen shot.

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