Out Skerries & Southampton MFDs blank on final

Has anybody else observed the Garmin MFDs going blank when turning on final in both the new Out Skerries and Southampton landing challenges?

  • No add-ons
  • Regular mode (not developer)
  • MFD goes blank on final on both of the new landing challenges: Out Skerries and Southampton

  • Reproduction: this happens every time I attempt a landing challenge on Out Skerries or Southampton. Other landing challenges appear to be not affected.

I wonder if it’s like the Halloween challenge and has a built in failure you have to deal with???
Just wondering…

@Habu2u2 do you see this same behavior? It would be very odd (and downright mean) if this was on purpose. In the Halloween challenge, it was obvious what was going on with the steam gauges because they weren’t blank, they were going haywire.

To have the PFD and MFD both go dark sounds like a bug. There have been similar bugs reported in other aircraft over various patch releases.

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