Outside smooth, inside stutter SU5

Although i am very pleased with the latest update, i can get into the 40 and 50’s on ‘mild to heavy settings’ with my rig (9900k, 3080, reverb G1) with glas cocpkpit planes, it seems like the outside world is realy smooth (looking through twe windows) much smoother then before, but inside the plane (when i move my head) it is still jiterry.

I don’t see any framedrops or signs my system is struggeling.

Is any one else experiencing this?

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Yes, somehow.
I have found such a pleasant smoothness when looking through the windows, but I still see the jitter in the cockpint when changing view.
I don’t think it’s the FPS, because both before and after the update I have VSync capped to 30, and actually getting those 30fps I see it smoother now than before. It must be something in the way transition between frames is handled, but I might be saying complete nonsense.

It is now close to the feeling I get in XPlane, where I did not get effectively more FPS than in MSFS, yet the scenery seemed to smoother. With the latest update, MSFS is now on par with XPlane in such smoothness, but only in the outside.

Ah, so hard to describe it… yet I do see the difference very clearly between before and after the update, and between outside and inside, and I completely agree with OP.

Mine is opposite in some areas - when there are alot of online pilots around outside it dropped to 5 FPS but when I went back inside it went back to 40 - it was intermittent. Definitley strange