Over sensitive Trim

yep, tried the same with the wheel on the hotas, didn’t work as well.
It worked fine until now.

so far, no solutions or workarounds.

Trying now with default planes, its almost impossible to trim level.

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Same here, pretty much impossible to trim the 152. One click on the trim up or down makes the nose move way too much and even starts off with a 500ft/min climb or descent.

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I have my elevator trim bound on my honeycomb alpha.

Tbh I’m liking it a lot more in this update. Before it was always too little or too much, but now a single click gives just enough adjustment.

That being said, I tested this with the just flight turbo arrow iv (which has minor bugs after SU5 but still mostly flyable). Ymmv for other planes.

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Yes, noticed in the 172 during first excursion post SU5.

Related question: is there a single command for resetting all trim simultaneously? I haven’t noticed one among the unmapped commands in the default keyboard, but maybe I don’t recognize it.

I don’t believe any “reset all trim” control input exists. No such thing exists in real aircraft, as far as I am aware.

I remember back circa the FS9 days there was a “gauge” you could install which would simply auto-adjust trim to the plane’s current attitude with a key combination. Perhaps eventually something like that could be developed as an aide for FS2020 as well, and also incorporate a “reset trim.”

no need to overengineer a simple problem.

all we need is to fix this oversensitive trim that is increasing too much for each keypress.
as it has been working for a year before joypads in couch entered.

no helpers or AIs doing stuff or key combinations or other complications.
a simple trim. a working one.

one of the basics of flying. trim.

I like the new trim, thanks, and I don’t think gamepads have anything to do with why it was changed. A lot of people were already flying on PC with gamepads, you know.

I think the best solution would simply be to have trim sensitivity adjustable in the controls settings so people can set it the way that best suits them. Being able to set sensitivity per aircraft would perhaps be ideal, but is probably asking too much.

And while I would be unlikely to use an “auto-trim” add-on myself, I wouldn’t begrudge the option existing for other people, just like I don’t insist on maximum flight model realism being the sole, permanently locked option in the sim. People are allowed to enjoy the game they paid for in their free time in different ways from me. I don’t know why people would want to use the already-existing options to have the AI do the whole flight for you, but if someone does, it’s no skin off my back.

honestly, I could care less than zero for those and they might as well go relax with fornite.
trying to make a simulator “for everyone” will not work.

every time someone tries to make everyone happy the result is that no one gets what they really want or need.

Use trim wheel on Bravo and left thumb switches on Alpha.

In 152/172 it’s far too sensitive now and difficult to level off.

Didn’t seem to affect DA40, SR22 or TBM when I tried them.

Have you considered there might actually be people who enjoy both Flight Simulator and Fortnite? Horrors!

I look forward to this type of insular elitism diminishing as the flight simulation genre moves back into the mainstream, and yes, an Xbox release is part of that.

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divergent opinions.

I prefer to keep flight sim as flight simulators, but I also reckon that this has become a simple game, like war thunder or gran turismo.
we were just their paying beta testers for the pad-on-a-couch-simulator.

levelling skills is the disaster of this decade.

Absolutely nothing has changed to make the game “simpler” since yesterday. In fact, new features adding complexity, like improvements to seaplane operations, were made. You having a personal opinion on control sensitivity which is not universally shared has nothing to do with the game “levelling skills,” nor are you able to offer any cogent explanation for why the change, much as you dislike it, would have anything to do with console play. A console player who will typically be using less sophisticated controls than PC players, not to mention is likely to be less familiar with the dynamics of flight and how an aircraft is controlled, would be, if anything, more frustrated at not being able to make the plane fly level.

It’s pointless to try to help or have a discussion with someone who is determined to feel persecuted and look down on others.


and is also pointless to discuss with someone with the view that everyone should not feel frustrated by not being able to trim level a plane. that’s carebearish forumdad thinking.
there are practices, procedures, technologies and physics to learn that and usually people can’t learn that playing on a couch with aids.
that’s what we have flight schools for, people study hard and train hard to learn those skills.
levelling such skills so that anyone can enjoy their flying game is a prostitutalization of the entire simulation genre.

as an educational tool, playing with a couch and “flying level” a plane hitting one button is not teaching anything, it is not a simulator and not an educational tool anymore.
there are persons who use this game to train real world procedures, not to take a screenshot of a 747 landing on the golden gate.

now back to trim, so far no success. I also tried to tinker with thrustmaster TARGET software but, again, no result, still trims like war thunder.

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This is really weird

For me what I’m experiencing is the opposite (I have trim axis mapped to one of the wheels on my X56 since day 1), on many aircrafts (A5, XCub, etc) the Trim is just TOO SLOW.
It’s adjusting by 0.1 now and maxes out at like 0.9 so it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever

It seems there’s somethign wrong with the configuration from plane to plane, they need to fix this asap!

Yes I have the same Controller with the same issue. There is a thread to vote in the Bugs section.

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There is something inconsistent in the sim. If the autopilot sets the trim to, for instance, 4% it has much less effect than if I do it in manual flight. It looks like the manual trim setting is multiplied by 10. Indeed very hard to trim the aircraft, it is almost impossible to trim without finer adjustments with the throttle.

Agree that the trim is overly sensitive after the upgrade.

It is no longer possible to trim the stock C172S to fly hands off using the electric pitch trim on the yoke like on a real airplane. Using manual trim (wheel on Honeycomb Beta throttle quadrant) has the same issue.

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